Want Joe and Kamala to get it done?

1. Win the Senate in GA in January
2. Vote again just as hard in 2022, 2024, 2026......

Or The Turtle will make sure we go nowhere.
This feed will be very focused on the GA special election until Jan 5. All our hopes really require we get the Senate. Not taking my foot off the gas!
Now, I don’t know a lot about GA politics so I’m gonna be seeking out the best on the ground sources and sharing them. Here is a good start for donations: https://twitter.com/voxkev/status/1325462110000742401
Ana is local and has the scoop on local orgs.

I plan to work on supporting however they need from here in CA. https://twitter.com/anadzhz/status/1325198363864690688
You can also help the fight in GA by supporting your employees-esp those in GA and vicinity- with time off to help in the election.
I don’t know the state’s ways-so anyone who does, just ask and I will amplify you! Will start a pinned thread in a bit so they are always easy to find.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: for all of us not in GA, it’s 100% NOT the time to tell GA what to do.

It’s time to listen and do what we are told- by the people in the state (cough Stacey Abrams) who know how to win it. https://twitter.com/lee_in_iowa/status/1325420399564296193
From Stacey Herself! https://twitter.com/staceyabrams/status/1325455525409140738
If you are eligible to vote in Georgia, this is for you! https://twitter.com/drkencarter/status/1325266193779974144
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