I fully think so many times people treat Gulf like he is fragile and he lets Mew take charge but I have said it a million times and I will say it again. I think we only get a glimpse of how Gulf actually is with Mew. I think the boy is smart and uses his pleading
voice to get his way because he knows Mew is a sucker for it. I think he is clingy af with Mew all the time. We saw how tightly he holds Mew’s hands when they forget they are not alone. I think he is possessive AF. Mr “you can look at Mew but you will never have him. I think
he is protective of Mew because because it took a while for them to get where they are and he wants to show Mew he is always going to be his #1 supporter. I think it is so interesting that whenever they walk together 9 times out of 10 Gulf holds Mew’s hand from the
Front but when they sit Mew holds Gulf’s hand. I think it fits there personalities. Gulf is more introverted and when he is sitting he might feel more vulnerable/ a little more nervous because he is not as bubbly as Mew so Mew holds his hand to let him know....I’m right here to
hold you and you don’t need to be nervous about meeting new people.....whereas when they are walking I think Gulf is partially possessive and partially protective of Mew. These are my own thoughts but I think we don’t give Gulf enough credit. I truly think we
are only getting a tiny glimpse of who he is and how he acts with Mew. More and more he seems to not care what others think about them and flat out says how he feels. Give that boy more credit ❤️ #MewGulf
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