Like everyone else I was heartened to hear @JoeBiden mention our community in his victory speech, but while it is an optimistic sign let us not forget that Biden was the only democratic candidate we had to hound for a Disability policy. (1of 5) #CripTheVote
I am not trying to rain on people's happiness at being seen by the president Elect. I am happy about it and I am happy to be rid of @realDonaldTrump. But I do want to temper the optimism a little. (2 of 5) #CripTheVote
Presidents get very little time to achieve their goals before another election cycle begins and puts those goals on hold. The Disability Community has too often fallen victim to this, being told to wait our turn. (3 of 5 ) #CripTheVote
To be blunt our community has spent enough damn time waiting our turn and it has never come around other than when we forced it to. whether its the 504 sit ins or the Capitol Crawl it is not waiting that has offered us progress. (4 of 5) #CripTheVote
So I urge you all, as happy as you are about #BidenHarris2020, hold their feet to the fire, take action, Make them see our community in their governing. If we don't we we still be waiting in 4 yrs time. And many in our community don't have 4yrs to wait. (5 of 5) #CripTheVote
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