It’s Sunday & it’s.... time for the #TikTokThread - you already know. Follow these folks over there if are only that platform. Let’s GO!

had to kick if off with this gem.
49 years of marriage. It’s him getting up out that chair fa me.
I actually like this plan.
Just watch. Perfection.
Mama is BACK again this week. I think she’s the first account to appear 2 weeks in a row!
Indigenous TikTok is my favorite part of the whole platform. Period.
Change yalls WiFi passwords! We don’t need an alphabet when we visit! Lol
Brian Williams in the KNOW! Who told him alladis?
These reactions!! 😭😭😭
Let this video be a warning.
Don’t try us.
He’s either about to burn dinner or turn off the stove... def one or the other. Lolol
And I’ll finish off this weeks thread with this video... for... reasons... 👅👅👅 see ya next week!
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