I’ve spoken many times about growing up as first generation post Holocaust Jew.

We went to Hebrew School 3 times a week after school to ready us for our Bar Mitzvahs.

Within this setting a program #NeverAgain was taught
After WWII the world developed a program to teach others the horrors of the Holocaust.

We saw films of surgery performed without anesthesia, and people gassed. It was horrid and we were only 7.

I still have nightmares over what I saw 55 years ago.
We taught the warning signs of fascism and to resist.

We were taught to never be silent or go quietly.

We were taught the code words autocratic Anti Semitic leaders use.

We were taught #NeverAgain and it’s righteous and just and TO NEVER BACK DOWN.
Trump was America’s Hitler. Every warning sign I was taught came roaring back in a jumbled panic.

We had one chance to get this right. In the 1930’s Germany and Italy couldn’t get it done legally and it set the groundwork for WWII.
To peacefully get rid of a populist leader usually involves bloodshed.

We did it peacefully with our vote.

I am grateful to each and everyone of you who voted.

Thank you.
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