i think the v8 intro’s foreshadowing every single character getting split up and going on their own like the theory that was going around a while back
ruby’s self-sacrificial tendencies may make her feel like her silver eyes are the only way to stop salem but bc nobody else is okay with sacrificing her like that, she goes behind their backs and does it (supported by the part of the intro that officialrwby gifed two days ago)
it’s also clear that there’s gonna be more emphasis on the schnees during this volume, chances are that weiss could sneak away and visit the schnee manor to convince her mom and brother to flee atlas and/or sneak in to see winter and convince her to defect and join rwbyjnor
i’m not completely clear on blake but her being the furthest away from the rest of team rwby in the opening convinces me that something will happen to split her up too, maybe her trying to “balance” out rwbyjnor only isolates her
yang has her thoughts on what should be done and she’s sticking to that, and her stubbornness may result in her deciding to go off and do something on her own whether her team agrees with it or not, very similarly to ruby despite their arguing
jaune could play a role similarly to blake for his team; try to keep them all together (specifically ren and nora) when ultimately everything falls apart as oscar is taken by salem and ren and nora grow further apart, therefore isolating him too
nora’s very similar to ruby and yang in that she has strong ideas on what should be done and she’ll stick to what she thinks is right, plus we still have those clips of nora with the hammer from the trailer which could be her off doing something on her own
oscar’s probably the most obvious and literal, he’s definitely gonna end up being taken by salem while he’s out with yang, jaune, and ren, and the goal of rescuing him may ultimately bring rwbyjnor back together
and ren’s extremely conflicted, he wants to do what he thinks is right but what he thinks is right is different than nora’s idea of it, and without her there with him he may emotionally isolate himself from everyone else and try to focus only on the mission
penny’s another obvious one bc we saw it in the premiere, she feels like it’s up to her as the winter maiden AND the protector of mantle to take up the sole responsibility of protecting its people with a physical advantage that the others don’t have
as for qrow, he’s always been relatively isolated as a way of protecting others from his unlucky semblance, and that’ll only increase tenfold after clover’s death (??), i could see him giving up and isolating himself while robyn convinces him to help her get them out of prison
with the first episode of the volume being titled “divide” alongside several visuals of it in the intro and the overall theme of distrust, i think it’s completely likely that rwbyjnor could all isolate themselves and come together towards the end to fight salem
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