AOC threatening to leave politics is a lot scarier than it sounds. She sounds like Stannis “I never wanted this I never asked for it but we must do our duty.” He thought he was divinely chosen. She’s setting up cult like circumstances so she can claim she’s the chosen one when
She goes to run for higher office. She’s setting up a “I didn’t choose this, a Higher Power chose me” type set up whether she claims it’s a divine power or the people. Every single dictator believed they were hand picked & like Varys said, every tyrant talked about destiny. I’m
Telling y’all she’s the left’s 45 and she has a rabid ⚪️ Fan base. She’s creating a larger than life image of herself w/o actually doing legislative work. When she handed out food boxes she had a big poster of herself & took photos of herself doing it. It had a Neno Brown feel 2
It. Did every family in line getting food consent 2 have their photo plastered all over the internet? What about Their dignity? I’ve been 2 food banks & no I don’t want my photo going viral. I know how that feels waiting in those lines. I’m not trying to sound like Chicken Little
But this is not heading in a good direction. You don’t other people’s use food insecurity as a trolling tactic online so your 8 million followers ( most of them ⚪️) can get a “Yassss Queen” moment & ⚪️ MAGOTS can denigrate them. I really do a see a “The ppl chose me so I must
Follow my destiny” moment soon. “They can live in my new world or die in their old one” & we all saw how that ended. GRRM is a very smart man and was writing about ppl like her who think it’s their destiny to save everyone from themselves. They see their own path as proof of that
Yes I loved #DemThrones and watched it very closely. It was easy to make parallels to what is happening now. I thought of her as soon as Varys said “they all talk about destiny “ then I read that interview which seems like a prelude to that
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