Absolutely not.
And apparently, there is an image depicting people using John Lewis’ back as a bridge**?

Again: absolutely not

**(Ref to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL)
This tweet applies here, BTW https://twitter.com/Arrianna_Planey/status/1325559684271665152?s=20
I'll spell out what's wrong here:

- Ruby Bridges is still alive, & she's writing her story
- This ahistorical iconography freezes her in time as a child, & creates a false temporal (& moral) distance to call upon narratives of "progress" https://twitter.com/Arrianna_Planey/status/1325436629729878016?s=20
Ruby Bridges is 66 years old, and she comes from the same town that my maternal family members were born in.

She is close in age to my mother. And she is only 10 years older than Kamala Harris.

And, again, she is writing her story https://twitter.com/NPR/status/1325364453781729280?s=20
And I consider it a matter of supreme irony that people choose to freeze Ruby Bridges in time as a child, whilst upholding carceral systems that deny Black children a childhood (school-to-prison pipeline, school resource officers...)... in order to tout "progress" frames.
And this is well-said https://twitter.com/theorossfost/status/1325559960500105222?s=20
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