Well bike Twitter is massively pissing me off today and it’s not even 9am. Yay great start to the day. I think I will be scarce here.
I really ought to explain. I tried several times and kept deleting it. Maybe it’ll work better if just say *what* the problem is and then leave it at that. I’m starting to see too many calls for jail time for road designers, and absolutely no proof of negligence. That’s it.
Ok yeah, that helped a bit. Maybe I can try again. But this time I can say what I have to say much more succinctly.

If you call for jail time for road designers then you must believe you have evidence of negligence. So cough it up.
No, “if it was properly designed then we’d have no accidents” is not evidence. No, “but the Dutch” is not evidence. Evidence would be “the code requires <thing> and the design is in violation of it and led to an unavoidable accident.” If such evidence exists then yes, jail.
Otherwise? What you really want is policy change, and going after public servants (or contractors) is not going to achieve that.

I’m seeing this erroneous call for jail time spreading and I’m not here for it.
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