To counter the ecosystem that Left+Congress has developed in last decades, one needs to organize the resources first. Quality & Quantity check needs to be in place. Roles & Responsibilities need to be designated. It is not going to be easy. People with various skill-sets 1/n
would be needed.
-Social Activists.
-SM Warriors (Big and Small handles who could leave their ego behind and start working together).
-Artists (Digital as well as print)
-Researchers (Political, Historical, Social, Vedic/Sanatani and even Islamic)
-Media (TV and Print, like @Republic, @SudarshanNewsTV etc.
-Local Political personalities (budding and/or established)
-Social organizations (RSS/VHP/BajrangDal can no longer be mere spectators or natural disaster activists).
-Acting fraternity (Kangna et al.).
Things that this group should start with:
-Abandon the reliability to the IT cells.
-Abandon the "Blind Support" to any political party including BJP since they have proved being spineless when supporters needed them. Kerala, WestBengal supports have always been neglected.
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