Those who voted for Biden must accept this challenge over the next 4 years:

Realize even if Trump disappears, the active eager intent that summoned him to bring exclusion, harm, pain, cruelty, and death to already vulnerable people is still very active, intentional, and eager.
Realize that our society holds a deeply-set, traditional, structural configuration, which optimizes for abuse.

Realize that there is an equally powerful spirit of enablement of abuse, which tempts the comfortable to treat complicity as forgiveness.

Refuse these things.
Refuse to do the work of reconciliation on behalf of abusive people.

Refuse to perform forgiveness upon them as proxies for those they are still eagerly harming.

Refuse to demand those still being harmed perform forgiveness upon their abusers

Choose the harder work of justice.
Refuse to participate in reconciliation without reparation.

Refuse to choose comfortable relationship with those still aligned with harm.

Avoid our nation's traditional temptations, designed to remove you from the inconveniences of caring.

Choose the harder work of justice.
THIS is the challenge before us, Biden voters—particularly those of us who no longer feel personally threatened.

Realize how many other people still are actively personally threatened.

And then stand with them, rather than those who would harm them.

That will be a challenge.
But that will be the harder work of justice. Choose it.
P.S. - To be clear I don't dislike civility or kindness. Choose it whenever you can.

But don't mistake comfortableness for kindness, and

never abandon those still being abused for the sake of civility, and

never use lack of civility as an excuse to not stand with them.
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