1/ In two weeks I spoke to over 15 civilians who had just come from #NagornoKarabakh. They provide an important account of developments from those parts of region, which stay inaccessible due to security situation.

(photo credit: https://eurasianet.org/photo-essay-life-underground-in-karabakh)
2/ The most alarming situation is in this part of #NagornoKarabakh. Even before current intense fighting, these villages saw groups of armed people, who - displaced villagers said - killed local civilians and burnt houses.
3/ Zhora, 70, was among the very last to leave his native Karmir Shuka village. A rocket destroyed entrance to his house the moment his car was taking off to escape the place. For days he and some other males had to hide at gardens and nearby forests.
4/ People were killed every day, Zhora said. He gave me names of several civilians he knew in person. I received names from other residents of these villages, including relatives of those who got killed.
5/ My list confirmed by at least 3 sources currently consists of 5 civilians, all males, killed with guns within one week. Females and kids left these villages days before these events.
6/ All sources were interviewed separately in different parts of Yerevan and Armenian regions. I am still in a process of more confirmations for other names. None of the names are in the official lists of either civilian or military casualties yet.
7/ Zhora said till very late days they were able to wrap bodies in bed sheets and bury them at night. Later this became impossible due to increased number of armed personnel. They had to watch for days corpses remaining in an open air. Some may still remain unburied.
8/ The day Zhora left, a resident of nearby Taghavard village, Ovik, 52, was first wounded in his leg and later shot in his head when trying to find a refugee at a forest close to Zardanashen village.
9/ Ovik's wife, Emma, and their three daughters left days before and asked him to join, but he “wanted to take care of houses”, his wife said, despite having heart and respiratory problems and an official status of a disabled person.
10/ Emma said that Ovik was eventually buried. Her brother organised a support group, which received shots while putting body into an earth. This again happened at night.
11/ Two residents of Taghavard village told me their houses were set on fire before current intense fighting. They gave me contacts and names of their neighbours, who also got all property burnt. I am in the process of talking to them and others who can confirm the facts.
12/ For those, who may have questions, the accounts were collected independently. I found these people through random visits to a number of places, where displaced live, or through friends, none of whom are officials or politicians either in Yerevan or Stepanakert.
13/ I am planning to continue collecting stories of civilians coming from #NagornoKarabakh, and would be grateful for any contacts and suggestions. Please DM if you have any information.
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