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The restaurant had been buzzing with business since Izuku and his boyfriend Katsuki had arrived. It felt almost out of character for them to be dining at such a fine establishment since Izuku preferred a life of katsudon and ramen.
Katsuki's business partners spoke of this restaurant highly and it had been the place Izuku and Katsuki went on their first date.

The green haired student didn't think he would be back anytime soon since he always felt guilty for his blond boyfriend paying for everything.
Katsuki tucked in Izuku's chair before sitting down in his own seat just across the table prepared in a navy table cloth and silver cutlery.

A candle burns bright on the side of the table near the window where the sky morphs into a blistering yellow, orange, and crimson.
Katsuki seats himself as he unbuttons the front button of his ebony blazer that Izuku often compliments him on, then hooks his fingers into the belt holes to pull the blond to him which leads to... other things.

An expression of nervousness lurks on the taller man's face and
Izuku sucks in a sharp breath.

Is Katsuki going to break up with him? The thought has Izuku prusing his lips and clutching the leather wrapped menu until it whines for forgiveness.

The thought of losing Katsuki has Izuku's mind reeling, attempting to analyze his every
move up until that moment to figure out what he had done wrong.

"Ready to order?"

The waiter questions the both of them and Izuku's head whips up.

"No-" "Yes-"

Izuku's eyes go wide as he stares across the table at Katsuki who had spoken at the same time as him before
melting off into awkward laughs.

"I'll have the white wine penna, please."

Izuku states as he hands the waiter the menu, attempting to force his hand from shaking noticeably.

"Ragotini with vodka sauce."

Katsuki gets out relatively quickly before handing over the menu too.
"Oh! Can I add a bottle of merlot too? I don't care what you bring, just as long as it has alcohol."

Izuku says jokingly, but in reality, he is desperate for any source of light in the awkward situation between him and his blond boyfriend whom he is afraid to lose.
"You okay? I haven't heard a single peep from you since we sat down."

Izuku states finally, placing his elbows on the table so he could rest his head on top of his folded hands. He didn't want to bring attention to the obvious tension and possibly encourage the
breakup speech that has him nervous and gripping his chair tightly.

"Its nothing, just fucking hungry."

The blond mumbles, pushing his wine glass closer to the edge of the table in order to give the waiter who approaches the table space to pour the wine.
Izuku focused on the food mostly as his stomach growled. He hadn't eaten all day and the idea of waiting any longer had him chewing in the tip of his tongue.

He thinks his anxiety only adds to his hunger and made the wine sloshing in Katsuki's glass as he swirls
it more appetizing than it should be. Izuku takes a shy gulp of the crimson liquid, careful not to spill any on his ribbed turtle neck sweater.

The waiter returns shortly after and Izuku sees when Katsuki spots him as he approaches. Eating will surely sate his hunger and nerves.
The blond visibly tenses, eyes going slightly wide before dipping down to stare at his plate. He seems to wipe his sweaty palms on his slacks under the table as the plate hits the table, the contents concealed by a metal dome covering.
The waiter removes the top and Izuku picks up his fork enthusiastically only to find nothing edible, only a satin navy box with a ring nestled inside, glittering with diamonds and a beautiful dainty silver band.

Izuku's eyes go wide as he stares in shock.

Izuku hears Katsuki call him and Izuku turns his head to see his boyfriend down on one knee.

Several other tables beside them turn to stare, some even covering their mouths in shock while Izuku processes the shocking event.

"Marry me."
It wasn't really a question which only made the proposal so much more Kacchan.

At one point, Izuku almost thought that the waiter had brought the ring to the wrong table and some guy's ungodly expensive ring is being presented to a wide eyed student who feared the worst.

Izuku whispers out as if attempting to clarify what the blond had spoken only moments ago.

"Marry me, nerd."

Izuku became breathless at the thought of Katsuki wanting to spend the rest of his life with the likes of him, this beautiful, handsome man.
"Yes! Oh god, yes!"

The yelp that escapes Izuku's lips as he lurches forward to embrace Katsuki has the entire restaurant erupting into cheers to the happy union. He can't help how passionately he kisses the blond or how he never imagined Katsuki would make
the evening so meaningful with returning to the location of their first date.

The happiness swirling inside his chest leaps out through the actions of his arms wrapping around Katsuki's neck, pressing themselves against one another in that moment of elated excitement.
The blond slipped the ring onto Izuku's finger that shimmers in the candle light and low hanging lights. Izuku doesn't think he could have found anything better, only further proving that Katsuki has the better taste.

Pressing their foreheads together,
they stand by the table, eyes filled with love and adoration as the excitement slowly dies around them.

"Hey, Kacchan..."

Izuku whispers to Katsuki as he shyly smiled up at the red eyed man.

"What, Deku?"

"I'm happy, I really am, but..."
The smaller male trails off, face going slightly red in embarrassment. Katsuki raises a brow at the odd expression and purses his lips in reaction, nervous regarding if Izuku is going to refuse him now that the whole restaurant isn't focused on them.

"Spit it out!"
"Are we still going to eat?"

Izuku's stomach growls loudly which only seems to set Katsuki off in laughs. He smiles wildly and cups Izuku's face between his palms.

"You're gonna be my wife, you can eat whatever the fuck you want, Deku."

Izuku smiles before they continue
with their romantic dinner, hands joined across the table with Katsuki's thumb running atop the gorgeous ring placed perfectly on Izuku's finger.

Its finally perfect.
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