Let’s talk about that AOC Article. As a Black Woman Id like to make it real clear she does not speak for Black People or our movement. She needs worry about why 45 did so well with Latino voters b4 she comes in crediting Rashida for what Black organizers did. The D’s who lost
Were not in D+30 districts. In fact most of them barely won in a wave year. Before she opens her mouth about Max Rose & Anthony Brindsai, she needs to remember how badly Cynthia Nixon & Zephyr Teachout did state wide. AOC spent six million dollars for sorry turnout in her primary
This cycle. She spent more than Bloomberg did per vote & Ilhan Omar under performed this cycle. Cap, the man Ayanna defeated was progressive so acting like a progressive won over a centrist in that district is false. In fact in her acceptance speech Ayanna noted they were on
The same side of almost every issue. I don’t associate Ayanna with them so that’s all I’ll say on her. I only brought her up bc AOC is running her mouth. Colin Peterson held down a Trump +30 district in 2018 while Kara Eastman lost a winnable race. The partisanship of the
District caught up with him in 2020 like he said. I thank him for running bc he was truly the only Democrat that had a chance there. Colin Lamb won so she can STFU about his campaign all together. Hillary Clinton & Joe Biden won Katie Porter’s district. That district was always
Gonna go blue. It’s not as red as say Harley Rouda’s district or TJ Cox’s district. Kara Eastman lost a winnable race again in 2020, & this time by much more. Claiming she lost bc she embraced centrist’s help makes no sense bc Biden flipped it. Cori Bush won her primary by
Turning out white voters. Black voters chose Lacy; by a lot. He did not run on defunding the police. White gentrifiers and co-opters were the ones who voted for that. I truly believe in a non pandemic year Lacy could win that seat back especially if she fails to deliver. She told
Voters giving up his seniority would benefit them bc she would deliver. If she turns out to be another AOC or Ilhan who haven’t gotten one bill out of committee, she’s done. ✌🏾Bernie, Andrew Yang and 45 all had huge followings online. What do they all have in common? She’s the
Far left’s version of 45. There I said it. She viciously tweets, spends more time on optics than doing her job ( not a single bill out of committee), she has a big base of adoring Stans who think she can do no wrong, it’s been “Medicare for all week” for two years now, her GND
Is nothing but a slogan at this point, & her Stans are rude AF. She can take several seats and if I were the Democratic Party.. I’d ignore her. Let her scream on Beyoncé’s internet while we pick presidents & senators. That’s all I’ve got #DEFUNDTHEAOC
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