For William and Harry, uncle and nephew.

For Alf, uncle.
Harry was killed in autumn 1916 IIRC; the battalion war diary mentions B Company being shelled on the day he died and 10 men being killed, including him.

I've plotted his war via google earth from his first engagement to his being buried in Hesdin - not far from Vimy Ridge.
Alf was part of 51 Medium Reg, Royal Artillery - his war took him from North Africa through Sicily and into Italy, including Monte Cassino.

After the war he married a farmer's daughter and lived in Shropshire; he was especially close with my mum and uncles, and died in 1994.
William is Harry Heppenstall's uncle; his battalion of the KOYLI was part of 49 West Riding Division, the first British unit to be attacked with chlorine and phosgene gas.

He's buried in Lijssenthoek, about an hour and a half away from his nephew Harry.
Other family of mine who served include my dad's dad William, Harry's nephew. Info on him is scarce, but we know he was in 205 Group, served in North Africa and Italy, flew strategic bombing missions and in support of the Yugoslav partisans.
There's also Isaac Jones Morris, an in-law of my great aunt Bertha. Originally from Denbighshire, he was part of 10/RWF and was killed at Delville Wood in July 1916 - not far from where Harry Heppenstall fired shots in anger.

His name is at Thiepval.
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