Just watched the Biden/Harris acceptance speech, and it's tough to look past a big problem.

They seem to believe that division and partisanship are the root cause of problems, rather than secondary symptoms of injustice, corruption and inequality.
Bipartisanship is not inherently a good thing. Both of Australia's major parties plan to extract fossil fuels at a rate that guarantees incredible harm to humanity, indefinitely. Easily the vast majority of Australia's moral emissions burden. Some division here would be good.
Obviously one big difference: the Democrats braved the backlash and ran on a platform of transitioning away from oil and gas extraction (no, presidents can't ban fracking, or coal mining, or oil drilling). But it felt like they were pushed into that - so will they maintain it?
An incredible amount of time lost trying to appease political parties not playing by the rules of logic, civility and good faith. Leave them behind and bring along the people instead.
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