Why do people get so mad whenever it's brought up how theory via text can be inaccessible?

There's so many different ways to take in concepts.

There should *always* be a community effort of sharing knowledge.
Books are a brilliant mode that aren't necessarily accessible to everybody, especially when there is language that needs to be deeply unpacked & the style of writing presents itself as a wall.

Turn theory into art, stories, conversations; bring them up during & after experiences
Better yet, when we build or invite folk to situations where that theory is being applied, you are allowing for an emersive embodiment to that learning.

Idk how many times you can recite lines if you can't create & actualize with it.
What's the point of winning arguments if we're not feeding folk the right now resources that they need? (really, I'm just talkin to myself right now, but y'all can reflect on y'allselves too 👀)
Especially since in application, shit is messy. Pages won't give you that.

And the fact of the matter is, the mess has to be made 🤷🏾‍♀️ and you gotta work w that. *because huumans*
Also also, all of these diff forms of interpretation & application is how the things that went in to create that theory actyally advances &, most importantly, evolves.

Like.. some of y'all treat text like is wasn't produced in response to lived experiences needing documentation.
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