For months, I have been seeing this clampdown on Social Media in Maharashtra. But in last few weeks I am seeing this 'what has BJP done for SM supporters'.

High time I answer that in this thread.
The clampdown on SM did not start recently. It started in April in rural Maharashtra. People were summoned to police or arressted. Satara, Buldhana, Rural Pune, Osmanabad, Raigad... hardly any district where BJP supporters or workers were not hounded.

Party took immediate notice
A legal assistance team was set up. Lawyers were provided to look into each case. There were more than 60 incidents till May. We had cases from smallest of towns. People were harrased over FB & WA forwards. Party stood by each & everyone.
Courts were approached citing 5 cases as examples. But due to COVID they were not taken up. Party leaders met the DGP and later Governor with entire list. Results were seen later as such instances reduced in rural Maharashtra.
SM activists who have been through this abuse of power by Uddhav sarkar know how much party supported them. And in which all manner.

Party office bearers too have been through this. And immediately party helped them all.
Fear was the chief weapon of Shiv Sena. But that weapon has gone weak in last 5 yrs. On SM people started mocking & calling them names.

To instill hear, SS resirted to shaving fead, assaulting, framing cases etc.

If we stop, the fear wins. You decide.
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