Biden wants to put strengthening democracy ‘back on the global agenda’. He plans a 2021 global summit to ‘honestly confront nations that are backsliding’.
His priorities, he says, are fighting corruption, defending against authoritarianism, and advancing human rights.
Could mean more pressure on democracies such as #India, which have witnessed a decline on the global freedom index during the Trump era.
What about the US-Taliban agreement of Feb 2020 which would see a complete withdrawal of US troops from #Afghanistan? He says priority is defeating al Qaeda and the Islamic State - a mission far from completed And the Taliban, who Trump did a deal with, remain close to AQ.
Biden wants to see a small number of Special Forces and intelligence assets remain in #Afghanistan until threat of AQ and ISIS is eradicated. Unclear what role the Taliban will play in new negotiations.
Biden says #SaudiArabia will no longer enjoy US support for their war in #Yemen. The US currently supply Saudi with arms and technical assistance so this is likely to stop. This is likely make UK arms deals with Saudi much more complicated, too.
Trump once described @NATO as ‘obsolete’, Biden says the security alliance will be ‘at the very heart of the United States’ national security, and it is the bulwark of the liberal democratic ideal’.
His approach to #China is also likely to be starkly different to Trump’s. He says he wants to build alliances in order to ‘confront China’s abusive behaviours and human rights violations’.
Though he says he will seek to ‘cooperate with Beijing on issues where our interests converge, such as climate change, nonproliferation, and global health security’.
The US' relationship with #Russia is likely to become decidedly more frosty. Biden calls President Vladimir Putin’s regime ‘kleptocratic and authoritarian’ and says he will ‘impose real costs on Russia for its violations of international norms’.
President Trump's policies on #Israel garnered him great support from the country. While Biden says ‘our ironclad commitment to Israel’s security’ remains, the relationship between the two countries could see some significant changes.
On his first day in office he vows to re-join the #ParisAgreement on climate change and says he’ll pursue ‘enforceable commitments that will reduce global emissions'.
He also commits to re-joining the historic #Iran nuclear deal, if Iran returns to strict compliance and Biden talks of a ‘renewed commitment to diplomacy’ with the country.
He says he’ll work with China and other allies on denuclearisation of #NorthKorea and pursue an extension of the New START treaty.
Whatever happens next, the change in administration in the US is guaranteed to lead to significant changes around the world.
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