I sneezed and missed Biden mentioning disability in his speech.

Because it was a word -- one word.

An important word?

But we have so fucking far to go.
He didn't even say "disability" in the context of what our community did this election (i.e. literally risked our lives to vote).
He didn't say it in the context of the threats we have disproportionately endured under Trump, during this pandemic, or with attacks on the ACA.
He didn't even say it in the context of meeting crip folks' needs or ensuring access, autonomy, security, and simple fucking dignity.
He said "disability" in the context of "widening opportunity" -- and that concerns me because "widening opportunity" is the Left's kinder, gentler "bootstrapping".
See also: "...in America everyone should be given the opportunity to go as far as their dreams and God-given ability will take them."

I don't feel seen by these statements. I don't feel safe.
Crip wellbeing will never be guaranteed as long as it is contingent on whether someone can capitalize on "God-given abilities" to take advantage of expanded "opportunities".
To "ensure the promise of the country is real" for disabled people, it will never be enough to expand the "opportunities" of the present system; the whole thing must be radically reorganized. For many of us, our bodyminds are inherently anti-capitalist.
So, no, my "dreams" don't depend on "opportunities"; they are enabled by radical solidarity and care -- and if the goal is moving "ahead to an America that never leaves anyone behind", there is no other way forward.
So #CripTheVote and all that, but crip everything else too, because we're disabled every day -- not just once every four years.
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