One last thing before I piss off into a netflix stupor. I am so glad that we are finally going to have a President who actually enjoys things. One of the things that drove me most insane about Trump, and I have said this before, is that the man was simply incapable of joy.
He doesn’t like to read, he doesn’t like music, he doesn’t care about art or poetry, or fine dining. He doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t laugh at himself. He is joyless. He doesn’t understand beauty in nature, in people, in architecture.
The only way he measured things is by how he perceived it made other people envy or look up to him.

I’ll hold up a bible because other people like it and I want them to like me.

I will hang around all these bottle blondes with fake boobs because that’s what people like.
Look at this magnificent room covered in marble and glitter I have it so I must be great people will adore me.
He is just a deeply troubled, empty, vulgar shell of a man. I have no idea what his old man did to him, but he did a number on him.

If Trump were not such a scumbag who had hurt so many people and continues to do so, it would b pitiable.
I mean, can you honestly imagine him ever just wanting to go to a friend’s house to sit on the couch and chat, and play with their dog, and have coffee, and talk about things?
Or remembering something little his wife had wanted and mentioned, and picking it up while seeing it on his travels, and spiriting it away in his luggage and taking it home and hiding it and wrapping it and just being excited to give it to her?
just the little human things that make life worth living. He feels and appreciates none of it. It’s all a crude dick measuring contest, and the only way to get ahead is to cut other’s down.

It’s why he is such a bad negotiator. He’s incapable of understanding win/win.
Someone can only get ahead when someone else loses. It’s why he and the GOP never figured out that the way to save the economy was to handle covid. They couldn’t fathom that one didn’t have to be at the expense of the other.
but whatever. Enough thought about him. I’m going to have a banana and watch something relaxing. I got a nice bunch of yellow bananas with just a hint of green, so they are not overly sweet or mushy, but have a firm texture. That’s when they are the best, I think.
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