Okay I'm back from the outback here in Texas, needed to mentally download, and put some meat in the freezer. Two of the people I invited to the deer camp were specific because they are two contractors that TXDPS/CID uses for forensic cyber investigations.
First off they are actually currently active in an ongoing investigation into Harris and Bexar counties voting irregularities for 2020. So they aren't some old retired guys that aren't up to date, in fact both are half my age and a hell of a lot smarter.
They set me straight right off the bat that I'm going about this from the wrong angle 100%.
All the dirty voter rolls, mysterious midnight dumps and sharpie claims, are nothing but a distraction, as well is the counting room lockouts, all deliberate distractions to draw attention to a dead end road.
First thing I ask is how can that be. James told me right off the bat that sure enough all these obvious distractions are blatant voter fraud, but they are so obvious on purpose, and that's to be the shiny object to distract the crying baby (i.e.jingling keys).
First thing they debunked right off the bat was the dishonest belief that our voter system is an air-gapped secure voting system. True enough the actual point of the original vote in any state system is air-gapped.
Regards if it opti-scan paper ballots or touch screen electronic.
Where the real theft is happening is in the tabulation systems not in the count rooms. This is where the nefarious actions are coming from.
The tabulation systems are not air-gapped, this isn't a secret it's just not ever talked about, because they always direct you to the voting machine itself.
James and Ron both laughed every time I'd bring all these distractions, and they'd slap me around mentally and tell me I'm not listening, and they explain it further.
When I talked to them about the curious strategic pauses in counting, their eyes lit up that they had me on track.
But then I explained what I thought. Now those who follow me saw where I tweeted about these pauses yesterday before I went offline. But then I was immediately "distracted" by the opti-scan ballots and counting. https://twitter.com/RoscoeBDavis1/status/1324746681628413952?s=20
The dirty work is done where nobody sees it, not in the open plainsight of the countrooms or the vote gathering points, and it's not done at the canvassing point.
It's done in the electronic tabulation database and both these guys are convinced not even on US soil, Their best guess is Barcelona Spain & Frankfort Germany.And this all ties back to a company called SCYTL & its subsidiary Clarity
I'm still digging and I have to look through my DM's and get caught up I just want to get this out ASAP @Perryalt1 @jsolomonReports

more to come on this so stay tuned because @Perryalt1 has digging into who's funding SCYTL
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