Been trying to keep it out of my mind, but had things gone the other way? Tonight I'd be thinking about how we would cover tripled mass death once Trump fully unleashed his herd immunity plan, whether Russia would see all sanctions dropped, whether Barr would start arresting Dems
including former Obama officials left and right on made-up charges, and millions would suffer once SCOTUS eliminated healthcare while congress sat idle. I'd fear a frenzy of police violence against protesters and Black people. And the world would be done with us. We'd be alone.
And in the streets today and tonight, instead of jubilant crowds, dancing and singing, there might be armed gunman roaming the streets swinging AR-15s over their shoulders and guttural shouting about how libs better watch out because Trump said "stand back and stand by" so...
Neo-Nazis would be fully unleashed. Stephen Miller would be able to shut down all non-white immigration and mass-deport DACA recipients. Trump would go full autocrat and it's not clear we'd have any meaningful voting rights left. And now we know Republicans would abet it all.
If things had gone down differently, we would be covering a country that would no longer be a democracy in any reasonable sense. It's not clear a full Kleptocrat Trump would ever leave. That's what today would have been like had Biden and Harris not won. That's not hyperbole.
Thank God none of that happened. But as @BeschlossDC and many others have warned, we came as close this week as we ever have to losing our democracy. 70 million Americans voted to just give it away, in order to preserve their vision of a white-dominated, 1950s America.
That means our democracy is super fragile. Not everyone is even invested in it. So we need to stay woke and stay vigilant. The enemy isn't just without, it is within our society; lurking in people's fears and prejudices, ready to be used and abused by bad men.
We will soon be rid of one bad man (though he has 72 more days to wreak havoc). But bad men remain in power still. They are still there, and in some cases, safely re-elected and free to do whatever it is they want, to glop up more power for themselves. It's pretty frightening.
But for now, I'm just relieved that the worst didn't happen. 74 million of us stood up for democracy and we won this round. Many more rounds to come, including in Georgia in January. But tonight? I am going to watch some Netflix and have a glass of Prosecco. And actually sleep!!
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