Former teacher here to say it is VERY normal for your immune system to CRASH as soon as you release some pent-up stress! Be gentle with yourselves, hydrate, get some rest, and avoid all possible infection sources for a bit. Your body needs time to recharge!
Every teacher knows you get sick on Friday night. Today is a “Friday night” for America, so please give your bodies time to recover and regain strength!
Putting on your oxygen mask first =/= stealing all the oxygen!


Stop. Breathe. Refill the well.

Then fight on with more energy than ever before! 💛
I mean this literally. That sense of relief? Of letting go? Your body is experiencing it too, and 1000s of years of biology are telling your immune system “it’s all clear now! Just chill!” Alas, you can’t! Please be safe. Take a moment to refill the well so you can fight on! 💛
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