Today I saw Jake Tapper say "Our long national nightmare is over." I mean, it can't be since he still has a job.
I've seen not only Dem elected officials, but other leftist asshats talk enemies lists, screwing with the lives of people who voted for Trump, that sort of thing.
And then I've seen a few say "Hey, he's going to be the president. Give him the respect he deserves."
::me with a smile that does not reach my eyes::

"Certainly. I plan to offer Biden and Harris the same love, compassion and respect that all of you gave to Trump and any/all of his voters and supporters."
I think back to "selected, not elected" when Gore failed to cheat and steal his way to a win in 2000. I remember all of the Chimpy McSmirkHitlerburton comments, with Bush being called both an evil mastermind and the stupidest man on the planet.
I Barry and his merry band of leftists run roughshod over our rights and the Constitution, all while calling everyone who complained a racist.
And then I remember the complete and total 4 year meltdown when Gam-Gam failed to grab the brass ring. Roving bands of thugs were allowed to riot with impunity and people who defended themselves were prosecuted and vilified.
I watched the entirety of the media lie and try to destroy a group of teenagers simply because they wore red hats.
Oh, and let's not forget the complete and utter destruction that ensued from all of the celebrities and people in the news media repeating the "hands up don't shoot" lie, which led to a city burning.
And now I'm supposed to submit and play nice. Um, no. Congratulations on turning one of the most go along, get along people into someone who now gives absolutely zero fucks.
Let's not forget the attempted character assassination of a SCOTUS nominee by attempting to portray him as a serial rapist. I'm ignoring the people ostensibly on my side who said "Hey, let's surrender one more time and all will be well" as irrelevant.
Welcome to Pinochet Geek Airlines, offering free rides to Communists starting now.
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