rating the near 200 dramas i’ve seen using a number generator - thread
61. what’s wrong with secretary kim?

- acting? immaculate
- chemistry? she’s definitely there
- 8/10
189. tharntype: the series

- wanna be out through emotional torture? this is the one for you baby
- funny as hell too
- tackles really important issues
- 9/10
24. behind your smile

- not the most exciting
- got that hate to love though
- soundtrack is banging
- 6/10
195. you’re my pet

- definitely an interesting watch
- if you like a little bit of role reversal from usual drama this is the one for you
- kinda heartwarming
- 8/10
110. luv pub

- for all my web series lovers
- very cute
- rate the bts reference in the trailer
- 7/10
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