As everyone is seriously happy that Biden's two cute doggos (Major and Champ) will shortly be moving into the White House, here's a bit of a thread on Presidential pets (yes dear reader, I fell down a Google rabbithole) P.S. Major will be the first rescue dog in the White House!
Let's start with 6th US President John Quincy Adams (who was also the first US President to be photographed - well, deguerrotyped) who was reportedly given an alligator by Lafayette that was kept in a White House bathroom
19th President Rutherford B.Hayes was the owner of the first Siamise cat in the US, who was unimaginatively christened Siam
15th US President James Buchanan may have been the only US President to have never married, but at least he had a pair of bald eagles to keep him company
30th President Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace had a pair of raccoons called Rebecca and Reuban. Poor Rebecca was actually presented to the White House for Thanksgiving Dinner in 1926. Luckily they kept her as a pet. Her fave food was eggs and she could unscrew light bulbs.
29th President Warren G. Harding had a squirrel called Pete
28th President Woodrow Wilson kept a flock of sheep to graze the White House kawn. One of them was Shropshire ram Old Ike, who liked to charge people and chew discarded cigar butts
27th President William Howard Taylor was the last president to have a cow at the White House. Holstein-Freisan Pauline Wayne supplied the presidential family with their butter and milk
26th President Theodore Roosevelt was gifted a baby badger by a 12 year old girl while on a tour of America. He called it Josiah
Alice Roosevelt owned a snake called Emily Spinach - named as it was as thin as her aunt Emily, and as green as spinach
2nd President John Adams had a dog named Satan (wtf??!!) Who was actually the first dog to live in the White House
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