“Stop the steal” rally in Salem, Oregon
About 400 people at the Oregon capital, similar rallies are taking place nationwide
Speaker says A.P. doesn’t decide election and doesn’t accept Biden victory, until votes are “certified”
Someone in the crowd says “antifa are on their way”
Trump supporters mace woman, chase out photographer
Trump supporters shove photographer
Trump supporter chant “fuck antifa” and “fuck the press”
Trump supporters being held back by police line
There are proud boys here, and almost about the same number of Trump flags as Americans flags
Trump supporters chase Richard out
Oregon state police are handling this event, they are not wearing riot gear
Most of the crowd are suburban parent types
“We know who won the election and Trump will be president in 2021”

Fact check: A.P. (And every major news organization) has Joe Biden as the winner of the election
Jordan Tibbals, running for Camby city council, says the “deep state” and the “media” don’t call the election, wants it to go the Supreme Court.
Jordan Tibbal says this generation hasn’t faced real struggle and urges parents to prepare their kids for the times ahead.

For context: last 20 years have seen longest running war, the 2008 Great Recession, and a global pandemic at a scale not seen since 1918
Proud boys tell press their the problem
Trump supporters
“You’ll find out that we won”
Punisher flag with trump hair
“Fuck antifa”
“Fuck antifa” again
Giant MAGA hat
Proud boys “Fuck antifa”
Proud boys yell fuck the press, but they also line up for photographers to take photos
Proud boys “fuck antifa”
There might be more trump flags than American flags
Trump supporters punch man
Oregon state police walk through. To note: several people have been shoved, maced, or punched. No unlawful assembly declared.
Trump supporters surround car of BLM supporter, punch car and one person throws a cigarette inside
Oregon State police say their “aware” of events. No unlawful assembly declared. https://twitter.com/orstatepolice/status/1325220418832101377
Trump supporter “fuck BLM”
One proud boy has a baseball bat in one hand and a paintball gun in the other. He’s also wearing a chargers hat. He didn’t want to appear on camera. We spent about 10 minutes talking about Justin Herbert. He says as a chargers fan “I’ve been through a lot of pain”
As a reporter, carrying a pack of cigarettes and knowing a little bit of college sports goes a long way
Trump supporters chant to BLM supporter “all lives matter”
Trump supporters argue with BLM supporter
State police watching argument, proud boys talking to them
Trump supporters rip BLM sign from woman, State police move in to separate
The remaining crowd is talking about going to Pringle park; where left wing activists are holding a demonstration
Salem police declare Pringle park march(left wing) unalawful assmebly. Riot police here, tear gas warning given
Salem police department tell protestors to get out of the road and obey all laws, to note: this warning was not given at Trump rally
Salem police department tell protestors to get out of the road and obey all laws, to note: this warning was not given at Trump rally
To note: state troopers presence at the Trump rally was minimal, not wearing in riot gear, and on bicycles instead of heavy vehicles
To note: there has no been arrests or violence at this rally; police have declared it unlawful. https://twitter.com/salempolicedept/status/1325244949714014210
Trump supporters and state police are at Capitol building waiting for BLM protesters
BLM supporters arrive, Oregon state police stand in between
BLM supporters -Oregon state police- Trump supporters
Standoff at the Capitol
One trump supporter yells “the siege of the Capitol”
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