Say Her Name specifically refers to Black women killed by police whose deaths are deprioritized due to misogynoir. Others are retweeting using Bridges as a hashtag, as if she is a concept, not a living person. Bridges is alive & currently in the middle of a book launch. (1/8)
Bridges (66) is only 10 years older than Harris (56). They've met. Harris is a big fan of Bridges. Bridges has not, as far as I could find, indicated that she views Harris as her successor or collaborator. The women have met, but they do not work together. (2/8)
Search "Ruby Bridges" on Twitter and find this image over and over. Notice who is retweeting with "powerful" and who is retweeting with "disrespectful." (3/8)
What does Ruby Bridges think about the image? I don't know. She hasn't shared it on her foundation's Facebook page or her personal website, . (4/8)
Maybe she'll mention it in her appearance Wednesday at Children's Museum Indianapolis? (6/8)
In any case, it's SO important to remember that most of the people who are currently in elected positions in the US remember formal segregation and attended formally segregated schools. The people in Bridges' story, on both sides, are still in US politics and education. (7/8)
Ruby Bridges is not a fairy tale, an ancestor, a relic. She is our contemporary. Her story is a contemporary story. In historical terms, this JUST happened. (8/8)
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