Joe Biden as a radiologist: a thread

#Biden #BidenHarris2020 #USElection2020
When the MDT coordinator adds 5 patients with imported images with no reports to the MDT starting in 20 minutes.
At the start of a weekend on call.
Being asked for yet another CT abdomen and pelvis to "find underlying malignancy" after a positive CTPA*.


Speaking to all ED clinicians everywhere.
When the medical SHO starts telling you about the patient's tortoises and gerbils when referring for a CTPA.
When asked "what are the chances of AI taking over radiologists' jobs by 2025?"
When a non-radiology speciality buy a scanner and start their own imaging service.
When asked how he feels about the widening gap between diagnostic and interventional radiology services.
To all the awesome radiographers working tirelessly and often thanklessly to produce the imaging for him to report.
Seeing images from a dual-energy CT scanner for the first time.
His thoughts on duty of candour.
Congratulations @JoeBiden!
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