Right-liberal Republicans like Mitt Romney and the other clowns eagerly rolling over today typify a phenomenon I refer to as "court jester conservatism."
They offer limp opposition to the dominant liberal regime, which they thereby legitimize and which occasionally gives them plaudits and "a strange new respect" once they've been fully gelded.
The refusal of Philly alone to permit Republican poll watchers—even after a court order!—is outrageous, scandalous, and illegal. There are many other "irregularities," coincidentally in the most crucial states.
The courts, not the left-wing legacy news outlets, will decide this election, as worldwise conservatives knew the moment widespread, unsolicited mail-ins entered the picture. To concede the election on the President's behalf before the courts rule is irresponsible and wrong.
Biden may ascend to the presidency in the end. Or the courts may find and disqualify enough illegal votes to reelect President Trump. We do not yet know. What we do know is that the "conservatives" clamoring for Trump to concede today never wanted him to win in the first place.
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