Bruh how Mitu aunty met them.. The whole story is so sweet... (She told in Aman' live)
She went yesterday with her brother and niece but they told her that sidnaaz are not in this hotel.. ber brother showed them picture and then hotel management said yes they are in hotel
but since she knew they were shooting they went back to 11.30 in night.. today she went with her niece at 8.30 in morning.. and send dm to mehul.. she didnt know he will check or not..but around 9.30 mehul came down.. removed his mask and she went to him..
Mehul said unse milna possible nhi hopayega.. she insisted saying my niece is with me.. so he said ke abhi toh woh nahi ayenge neeche.. around 6 or 7 pm they will come down aap tab ajana.. but she didnt go back to home.. she took her niece to nearby restaurant to eat something
She came back there.. and met tony.. asked them about sidnaaz he said main aise kaise bata dun.. nahi bata sakta.. after sometime met raghav.. raghav assured her he will make her meet them.. after that around 6 mehul came with Prince gold hrr ke aaj chhutti hai..
hum ghumne ja rahe hain woh nahi milpayenge.. but hinted her something.. and when in car with Prince... after 5 min she saw Shehnaaz coming.. she ran to her and said I am your big fan even my niece is your fan.. Shehnaaz said aisa mat karo main lungi picture apke saath..
mitu invited baaz too in picture but he laughed.. and clicked her picture with shehnaaz.. mitu said they were so down to earth.. she hold shehnaaz too.. and in all this she didnt realize when Sidharth went outside.. she then met Sid.. Sid first hold her niece..
she told Sid she watched bb13 2 times and many times watched sidnaaz cute moments..Sid became happy.. she then told him to tell Rita aunty that she is so sweet.. Sid became so happy he said to her you are so humble.. mitu said she hold shehnaaz but she didnt touch Sid
Then Sid went to driver seat.. shehnaaz was sitting infront.. and both of them said bye to her.. then Sid started the car.. and drove in full speed
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