I think that in recent months Camila has received a lot of hatred, within all that hatred people only talk about her "past" but I saw very few people talking about what she does today, in the present. So today I'm here to tell you about the true side of camila. let's start
in 2018 camila was the new ambassador for "save the children" Camila will raise awareness and advocate for Save the Children’s work in the United States and around the world. Here I will leave the link to all the information
In 2019 camila decided to join with Alejandro Sanz to support the #Dreamers
In this post, she leaves a link where when buying those shirts, all funds would be the funds raised will help three amazing charities support the Dreamers education and future!
Let's not forget that at the 2018 Grammys, Camila gave a speech to the Dreamers.
Also, part of the proceeds from "Havana" were donated to the dreamers
She played the audio of the applause of these children from an orphanage playing on his song "living proof" to attract attention and ask for help for the foundation called "the africa heartwood project"
Camila donated part of her income from the concert tickets in Puerto Rico to the global humanitarian organization Save the Children's Hurricane Maria Relief Fund
more than three months ago camila joined organizations to use her platform and encourage people to vote and since then she has not stopped, she also helped raise $ 25M to support voting rights in florida
Camila in addition to donating and helping many places that need it. She tells us about the importance of "National suicide prevention week" showing all her support, leaving numbers in case anyone needs help
Nor can we ignore the issue that Camila talks about "anxiety" "panic attacks" "self-love" "the importance of seeking help" and much more
She also supports the LGBT community and BLM
I also feel that I needed to put on the "scar tissue" speech more than anything because it is very important and we can see Camila speaking with all her sinfulness
And I can really keep talking about all the things that camila does
and I think that's all over here, sorry if there's something I didn't say (let me know so I can add it)
More than anything, this thread was to know that Camila is more than "her racist past", Camila does good things, for the world, adolescents, children, communities, etc+
This thread is really for people who only get carried away by their past and not by what Camila is now, the Camila they don't want to see.
I mean, all this that is here are things that she did / said in the present, 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020+
Could it be that he said things in the past? Yes, but here I show that I change, that it does something, that it helps.
YOU are the ones who don't want to see that, you know that there will always be tests and trials proving that Camila is a good person+
I hope this thread helps you think about all this situation, at some point it becomes overwhelming to see so much hatred, but I know that if you open your eyes a little, you will be able to see the truth and only the truth.
Cheers and have a nice day
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