With Trump losing, let me spell out the Trump administration policies which Europe needs the Biden team to keep.

Change rhetorics, not most of the policies.

Let me run you though them:
1) U.S. need to keep being tough on China and Chinese hostile activities in Europe. We need to team up on this, be better allies on this global threat. Keep the pressure on Huawei and other Chinese espionage entities, keep them out of 5G networks.
2) U.S. need to be tough on Russia as long as Russia is aggressive. No Obama-era style naive reset. The Kremlin responds only to power and toughness. No appeasement ever works with dictators. Keep moving U.S. troops to Poland. Keep raising funding for U.S. European defense ops.
3) We need much better U.S. - Germany relations. But Washington should not appease Berlin and stop its principled response to Nord Stream 2, Russian and Chinese elite capture in German political establishment, or support for the Iranian regime in Germany.
4) U.S. needs to keep telling Europeans:

You want U.S. troops to protect you in Europe? Then spend at least 2 % GDP you promised on YOUR OWN defense, U.S. taxpayers are not going to subsidize you if you do not pay even the minimum for your own defense.
5) U.S. should keep and expand its Clean Network Initiative to help other democracies get rid of Chinese espionage tech.

Also, U.S. should keep its support for Three Seas Initiative a key geopolitical platform for Central and Eastern Europe aganist Russian and Chinese influence
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