“Thread: Will President Joe Biden abandon the Afghan peace process?”

It's very unlikely that Joe Biden will end negotiations with Afghan Taliban in a bid to end the war which has killed more than 312,000 civilians, 2400 US soldiers at a cost of $6.4 trillion.

Joe Biden understands the region more than anyone in the US. As Vice President, he opposed the ‘Obama Surge’ when Obama deployed 30,000 US soldiers on the demand of ISAF commander, Stanley McChrystal, in order to secure the eighty key districts.

Biden along with Richard Holbrooke were instrumental in convincing Obama to start negotiations with Afghan Taliban by establishing a Conflict Resolution Cell. The dialogue begun after Germans started secret talks with Tayeb Agha who was personal secretary of Mullah Umar in 2010.
Biden understands the importance of Pak in ensuring a stable and peaceful Kabul regime. When he visited Afghanistan in 2008, Karzai urged him to exert pressure on Pak but Biden's reply stunned him.

"Mr President! Pak is 50 times more important than Afghanistan for the US"
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