Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri has said farewell to PMLN & Nawaz Sharif after insult at PDM Quetta Jalsa on behest of Sardar Akhtar Khan Shahizai Mengal.

Most of you may not realize the significance of this step in total elimination of PMLN politics in Balochistan.


Zehri tribe is the 2nd most eminent Brahui Baloch tribe settled in Zehri hills of Jhalawan heartland of erstwhile Kingdom of Kalat, 2nd only to the Ahmadzai tribe of royal family of Kalat.

Zehris, Raisanis & Dehwars primarily helped Ahmadzais take over Turan in 16th century.

Turan aka Kalat was ruled with southern region of Jhalawan, overseen by Zehri Sardar as Nawab of Jhalawan, northern region of Sarawan overseen by Raisani Sardar as Nawab of Sarawan, fertile region of Katchi under direct rule of KhaneKalat & Dehwars serving at admin positions.

It means that Sardar of Zehri tribe also holds the title of Chief of Jhalawan & Sardar of Raisani tribe also holds the title of Chief of Sarwan & these titles elevate their tribal status as Nawab of Nawabs making all Sardars/Nawabs within their jurisdictions as subservient.

Hence, Sardar Sanaullah Zehri is no ordinary Sardar, but also the Nawab of Nawabs.

At royal court, Nawab of Jhalawan was seated on right hand of King & Nawab of Sarawan as left.

In tribal scheme of things a Mengal Sardar doesn’t even come close to a Zehri Nawab of Jhalawan.

Nawab Sanaulllah Khan Zehri is the son of Nawab Doda Khan Zehri a proponent of Kalat’s accession to Pakistan who resisted efforts of his cousin Mir Nauroz Khan Zarakzai Zehri to raise a rebellion following formation of One Unit

That’s why Sanaullah Zehri is a Muslim Leaguer.

Baloch traditions instill value of being loyal to friends & Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri remained loyal to Nawaz Sharif & helped PMLN win seats from Balochistan in 2013 elections.

All votes & seats were a result of his efforts as there exists no PMLN votebank in Balochistan.

Being a patriot & not a sell out like Baloch sub nationalist politicians Nawab Sanaullah Zehri was always a target for terror groups, who unfortunately succeeded in hurting him with BLA targeting him & murdering his beloved son, brother & nephew during 2013 election campaign.

In 2013 Sanaullah Zehri’s son Sikandar Zehri, brother Meharullah Zehri & nephew Zaib Zehri were martyred in IED attack driving behind him.
BLA claimed responsibility.

This makes BLA an enemy of entire Zehri tribe, its clans & every Zehri Baloch worth his salt is BLA’s enemy.

At the time BLA was being quietly being led by Nawab Khair Bux Marri while living at his son in-law Javed Mengal’s house in Karachi

Javed Mengal is also Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s brother & leader of Lashkare Balochistan terror org campaigning against Pakistan from Switzerland.

Sardar Sanaullah Zehri suspected elements of Lashkare Balochistan of Javed Mengal, Sardar Akhtar Mengal & Nawab Amanaullah Zarakzai son of 1958 rebel leader Mir Nauroz Khan Zarakzai (a sub-tribe of Zehri tribe) involved in attack with BLA & mentioned them in police report.

Yet despite his personal loss, & great efforts to win electoral seats for PMLN in 2013 elections Nawaz Sharif insulted Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri by refusing to let him be PMLN’s candidate of CM & instead nominated a sub nationalist Abdul Malik Baloch for CM Balochistan.

Even Nawab Sanaullah Zehri’s party colleagues of PMLN Balochistan repeatedly reminded him that Nawaz Sharif is loyal to no one.

But Sardar Zehri stayed loyal to NS on his promise that he would be supported as CM Balochistan after 2/12 years when half the term remains.

Even after 2/12 years NS kept on using delaying tactics to not honor his pledge to his own party leader in Balochistan.

Refusal to honour one’s pledge is a detestable act for Baloch, it caused great disappointment & anger in already thin support base of PMLN in Balochistan.

It was only result of a stern warning from Nawab Zehri that he was finally nominated as CM Balochistan after Abdul Malik Baloch.

But his tenure proved to be a disappointment due to failure of PMLN fed govt to sanction dev projects in Balochistan such as CPEC west route etc.

Nawab Zehri himself felt immense disappointment on the lack of support to him as CM from PMLN leadership against courting of sub nationalist politicians such as Sardar Akhtar Mengal belonging to Shahizai subtribe of Mengals & Abdul Malik Baloch at his expense by Nawaz Sharif

Nawab Zehri ended up losing the confidence of his own party colleagues in 2018 furious with PMLN’s treatment of it’s party members in Balochistan & were willing to quit the party.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal poured fuel on fire by co-signing the no-confidence motion against him.

Being a man of honour, being the Sardar of Zehris & Nawab of Nawabs & Chief of of Jhalawan,
Sanaullah Zehri found himself in a dishonorable position of having to defend his position as CM & instead of complaining quietly resigned with grace as CM Balochistan on 9January2018.

When PMLN wished to conduct a jalsa in Quetta, he was again asked by Nawaz Sharif to pay and organize the venue for PDM’s jalsa in Quetta.

Despite his reservations on Nawaz Sharif’s pandering to sub-nationalists in Balochistan, he felt honor bound to arrange the Jalsa.

Insult that broke the camel’s back is when PMLN leadership rudely asked him to stay away from PDM’s Quetta Jalsa due to objections from Sardar Akhtar Khan Shahizai, a mere Sardar of Mengals of Jhalawan

The Chief of Jhalawan would never be able to forgive such disrespect!

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