Enjoying all this fun about @realDonaldTrump getting smoked in the highest-turnout election in more than a century, and I totally forgot this means we're going to have our first woman VP *ever*

Congratulations to VP-elect @KamalaHarris! 🎉
Cry moar https://twitter.com/slawek1/status/1325122524653424642
This is gibberish, it's quote-tweeting more gibberish

Everyone knows the Electoral College decides the winner, as it always has, in December

That doesn't change the fact we can state definitively who won before then based on the public vote count data https://twitter.com/geography_pro/status/1325121932694446080
The Secret Service doesn't wait until the Electoral College meeting to send extra security to the President- and Vice President-elect

Agencies don't wait until December to start transition planning

They do it when it becomes obvious who won
The quality of the candidates doesn't change the reality that voter fraud functionally doesn't exist, and the few times it's been proven it's been Republicans trying to do it https://twitter.com/katherinelongs4/status/1325123902368964618
There hasn't been a recount yet, wtf are you talking about? 😂 https://twitter.com/katherinelongs4/status/1325125777394839552
Tens of thousands of fake ballots, in just the right precincts, with just the right candidates listed, to *4 different states,* and no one notices but internet sleuths

It's QAnon for Elections https://twitter.com/ffmike_/status/1325125578882740226
It's painfully apparent you've never worked as a poll observer or passed a civics class

There is no election fraud https://twitter.com/geography_pro/status/1325125409604689931
Possible but very unlikely. The campaigns pick the slates of electors in each state, so they end up being partisans' partisans

That's why the faithless Dem electors in 2016 cast votes for random people like Colin Powell rather than to Donald Trump https://twitter.com/nokusu/status/1325125341573246976
And they don't happen until the initial count is done, which hasn't happened yet https://twitter.com/bsdlp/status/1325126719074783237
The news is saying it based on the states' publicly released data

Donald Trump lost – in what he himself called a "landslide" in 2016

Stop being a loser too and get over it ❀ https://twitter.com/truthiswithn/status/1325126791908876295
Can confirm https://twitter.com/troycoverdale/status/1325128783209275393
We have fair and transparent elections

It's been that way for decades. The rules are quite intricate and scrupulously followed.

Your random newspaper article about a 2016 primary where a lawyer was making what's called an "argument in the alternative" doesn't change that https://twitter.com/geography_pro/status/1325129355098419202
Just because *you* are too lazy to volunteer at a polling site and/or too stupid to bother researching the laws that govern voting procedure doesn't mean we don't have fair and transparent elections 😂

Spend your time on YouTube doing something useful
Yes. He is not barred from running again, so if he decides to try he can

He'll lose the primary though https://twitter.com/thedramon/status/1325129926324985861
Won't matter. Even the fastest criminal trial in history won't wrap up in 2.5 months, then the DOJ just drops it when Biden gets sworn in https://twitter.com/BPGPhoenix/status/1325130467889254401
It's very hard to stay relevant when everyone knows you're a loser

There will be plenty of more-talented Trumpists running on Trumpism who will beat him https://twitter.com/svennerson/status/1325130825667538949
Oh I acknowledged Democrats' BS back in 2016

It just happens you're the one peddling the BS this time

Wallow in your ignorance and cry more https://twitter.com/katherinelongs4/status/1325130779547103232
Do... do you think mail-in ballots happen via electronic device??

JTDC you're dumber than I thought. Bye now https://twitter.com/geography_pro/status/1325131645377130498

Read them if you get bored, they're all *really* badly done

Maybe he'll hire someone competent to file something plausible later, but I doubt it https://twitter.com/rbd9787/status/1325132777264738304
Tap Dancing 😉 https://twitter.com/nichartley/status/1325133936687783936
Can't speak for other law schools, but they specifically trained us on it at @NCCU Law – in both our Evidence and Trial Practice classes – so we wouldn't commit the same f*ckups as Trump-quality lawyers https://twitter.com/trogdor8768/status/1325135000769974272
If "there's enough evidence for YOU to question" – when there is in fact zero evidence – then you're either very stupid or intentionally JAQing off

Bye now https://twitter.com/katherinelongs4/status/1325134270076215296
Wait what?? 😂 https://twitter.com/belfordfl/status/1325136956208996358
There is something known as the Prior Action Pending Doctrine, which basically says if you file a case in one court you don't get to file the same case in another court while the first case is still going https://twitter.com/hypers0nic1/status/1325137827328241667
Oh no question. It would still *lose,* but I could at least make it challenging https://twitter.com/wolfpac_five/status/1325148665879523328
Not the ones currently filed, no https://twitter.com/caseydilladixon/status/1325137398473220097
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