Broad Street in Philadelphia is wild. People cheering out windows, honking horns, a man on a bike just yelled “Joe Biden won!” And 30 year old Alex Puhalla, a Scranton native, is literally doing back flips
People are spontaneously honking, crying, and cheering with strangers, yelling “we won!”
Hundreds of people sprinted to the Convention Center, where they just chanted “U-S-A!” and are now yelling “go home!” to a dozen Trump supporters, some of whom are packing up
They just did a “lock him up!” chant 😳 annnnnd it’s now a “Black Lives Matter” chant
People are popping champagne 😂
Liz Kramp brought her 10 year old daughter Vivienne, she said, to experience history — a celebration in part of the first female Vice President. “I feel like a fog is lifted off my soul,” she said. “And finally there will be some ovaries in the Oval Office.”
There is as much excitement here for Harris as Biden. Everyone just did a “Kamala!” chant to huge cheers and every woman I’ve spoken to has brought it up, some of them are in tears. “A Black woman in the White House!” one woman yelled to no one in particular
Still a healthy contingent of Trump supporters here, maybe a few dozen. They’re separated from the masses by two rows of metal barricades and a line of bike cops is incoming
Also I don’t need to tell you this but there’s a lot of booze going around lol
Liquor store line growing quickly hahahaha
There are more than 500 people on the Mall, gathered in the shadow of Independence Hall
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