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Thank you to all the organizers in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and every other state that could have easily not had record turnout if it wasn't for your tireless efforts. Thank you to all the poll workers and volunteers who counted every single vote!
With the fate of the senate likely hinging on 2 runoffs in GA, it's gonna be paramount that immense pressure is put on establishment dems to defer to the expertise of progressive organizers like Stacey Abrams, Nsé Ufot, & Tamieka Atkins—it's on us to hold their feet to the fire.
We may have one final lifeline here to ensure that Biden can actually follow through on the campaign promises he made to progressives. Mitch McConnell has been fucking shit up for literally 33 years and these possible runoff races are our ONLY chance at potentially defeating him.
Celebrate today, (get some sleep!) but December 7th is the deadline to get eligible GA voters registered for the runoffs and the folks on the ground are going to need as much support as they can get from all of us in order to keep the momentum going—so get ready to fight. 🔥
Georgia friends! Please make sure to request your ballot for the runoffs ASAP—early voting starts on December 14. 🗳✨ If you're turning 18 before 1/5/2021, you will be eligible to vote as long as you register before 12/7!
A lot of progress like this can be made via executive order right away (assuming SCOTUS doesn’t block everything now 😞), but if we want policies that last more than 4-8 years we *need* these 2 seats—otherwise they can be just as easily undone with the stroke of a pen.
The last time we had control of both the house and the senate was during the first 2 years of the Obama presidency—that was literally 10 years ago. A DECADE of utter dysfunction and McConnell blocking every mildly progressive bill in congress. We have a chance to change that now.
I say all this because I know many of you who follow me on here are either currently in college or are recent grads—if you’re younger you might not recall how losing control of the house during the midterms of Obama’s first term completely obliterated any progressive agenda items
Having not 1, but 2 senate seats go into runoff races is like the equivalent of us getting KO’d in the final boss fight and then miraculously having a Phoenix Down tossed our way—it’s gonna be insanely difficult to win but we CANNOT squander this last chance we’ve been given. 🔥
I just.. if I could have had part of my student loan debt forgiven or if minimum wage was $15 when I was working retail jobs, my life would have improved significantly. I definitely wouldn’t have struggled for as long as I did. I want you and future generations to struggle less.
So.. the next 2 months is our tiny window of opportunity to support the incredible organizers in GA and help them get Warnock and Ossoff the votes to take back the Senate for the first time in a decade. Donate if you can, raise awareness, and don’t let dems get complacent! 😤
Every little bit helps! Raising awareness is huge—I know my thread is long but pls encourage folks who might not be as politically active especially to read the whole thing 🙏🏼 You can also phone/text bank for the campaigns via Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight:
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