I supported the first lockdown.

My aunt died of COVID. My FIL is fresh out of hospital with pneumonia after catching it.

Lockdown was brilliant for me in terms of spending more time with family, my health and focusing on work I love.

Why do I vehemently oppose Lockdown 2.0?
According to the Government's own figures, the *first* lockdown will cause the deaths of up to 200,000 people.

We already have 28,000 excess non-COVID deaths. Over the next few years all the missed cancer, heart disease, diabetes diagnoses and delayed treatments will lead to...
...x00,000s of deaths.

The second lockdown will not end on Dec 2. It will continue until March. That's more people dead. Homeless. Suicidal.

Up to half a million people dying BECAUSE of lockdowns.

We didn't have the data in March. We do now.

I don't believe...
...conspiracy theories. There is a perfectly logical political explanation. Deaths from COVID are blamed on the Government. Deaths from other causes are not.

Human beings respond to incentives. And the political incentives now are to do everything to minimise COVID deaths no...
...matter the cost.

On Thur, the UK Statistics Authority reprimanded the Gvt for using outdated, exaggerated figures as justification for lockdown again. They're not telling the truth.

I won't even bother to cover the economic, quality life year or civil liberties costs...
...of lockdowns.

They may be good for middle class people like me but hundreds of thousands of people will die, be condemned to poverty and suffer. I don't think caring about them makes me a COVIDIOT or "heartless".

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