3) In 1877, with the genuine threat of a new Civil War erupting, the compromise involved VERY substantial and measurable outcomes, the most important of which was that federal troops with withdrawn from the South.

Also, cabinet picks from southerners were announced.
3) contd. . . Also, the North promised to fund a Southern Pacific RR.

Keep in mind that up to that point in our Republic, NO group had broken a compromise or state/regional agreement.

4) After the funding/assumption deal was approved, a federal district called DC was created.
5) But recently we have clear evidence, both in Reagan's time and in G. H. W. Bush's time, of DemoKKKrats reneging on their promise to cut spending after taxes were raised.

6) Also keep in mind that for a compromise to work, both sides have to want the best for America.
7) This simply isn't the case today. The DemoKKKrats want to destroy everything about America as presently constituted.

8) Now, on to a much larger sticking point in any "compromise" (and no, I'm not accepting that Trump will lose . . . I will address this later):
9) President Trump cannot agree to ANY deal because once he is out of office, the DemoKKKrats will hound him like a criminal. He will face prosecution (it doesn't matter on what. "Show me the man, I'll show you the crime.") He will face both Biteme's DOJ/SDNY & NY and CA charges
10) Don't doubt me. You scream 'ON WHAT??" Trust me, they will find something. And not just President Trump, but Melania, Don Jr., Eric, Lara, Tiffany, and Barron. Yep.

11) So no compromise is possible. As I've said before this is a fight to the death.
12) So where are we now?

*It appears we're falling further behind in GA. I don't know what happened to the Trump campaign's claim that we'd be up 3,000, but now we're down 8,000 and there were barely 9,000 military ballots outstanding.

*Without GA, we need AZ, WI, MI and PA.
*RECOUNTS do not help. You are recounting fraudulent ballots. You begin with a re-canvass, that checks all the machines. This achieves a dual purpose of exposing fraud while putting points back on the board or taking them off for Biteme.

*AZ looks good, cautiously speaking.
*My info last night was that with about 250,000 ballots out, Trump was down 30,000. Most of the ballots still out, unless they are absentee or mail-ins, are from Trump friendly districts.
13) Now to the big three: WI, MI, and PA. Again, our solution must be in the state legislatures, not the courts. The USSC would only redress (possibly) PA.

14) Team Trump is assembling masses of evidence on fraud, inc forensic specialists who can show flaws in voting machines
15) This accounts for, likely, hundreds of thousands of votes in urban areas.

16) The second major evidence of fraud is video of elections officials filling out ballots.

17) The third is the discrepancy between Trump and down ticket votes, though I caution you that . . .
17) contd . . . this will be much harder to prove because it can be argued people "just didn't care" about these other races.

18) Presentations of the evidence before state legislatures must be overwhelming. They will only get one shot at this. There won't be a do-over.
19) This must also be relatively timely: Dec. 14 is looming.

20) The state legislators must be convinced that what they are about to do is not only legal and constitutional, but absolutely imperative to save the process---not just Trump.
21) It's easy for us behind our keyboards to describe them as "gutless" or weak for not charging full bore into this, but this is a precedent setting move.

22) The Compromise of 1877 involved CONGRESS sending a committee to review votes in question.
23) Never before have we requested not one, not two, but three state legislatures to overturn the "results" of an election.

24) The legislators in these states have to know that their lives are likely over if they do this. They will be targeted, harassed, their businesses . . .
24) contd . . . threatened and destroyed, their families attacked, they will be kicked out of clubs, thrown off boards, their kids denied access to schools.

25) Don't for a minute think this is about ideology and "doing what's right."
26) For these men and women, this is a 1776 moment when you sign that Declaration and you now are a candidate for the gallows if you fail.

Here, though, they are going to face all this EVEN IF THEY SUCCEED.

27) So you might begin praying for them and their families.
28) Because if they make this decision--and yes, do the right thing--it will come at phenomenal personal cost.
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