Screw it, I’m going on a pretend holiday!
So it’s 1965, look at all these places I can go, and of course how everything stops East of Nuremberg...
I’m in a first class carriage in Switzerland, and have had my luggage forwarded in advance to my hotel.
Pleasingly I will be able to hire a bicycle from one station, and drop it off at a different one!
I left London at 1430... just left Calais and will be in Zurich at 0725 tomorrow morning.
Time for a bite to eat!
And then to get some sleep!
On French railway strikes, so friendly!!
Putting my face on this morning
There’s some kind of filming going on here in imaginary 1965 Zurich today, not sure what it’s for.
And blessed with a clear day, I can see all the way up to the Alps
Went to check out the Centre Le Corbusier (which they actually haven’t quite finished building yet, so here is some pre-vis)
Taking the tram back into the middle of town
And *really* looking forward to dinner at Baur’s this evening!!
Seriously, the wine in this place is insane.
Dinner was amazing, cote de boeuf vigneronne. Bit sozzled from all that wine though. Bonne nuit, gute nacht, off into the mountains tomorrow.
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