This scene will remain one of my favorite scenes ever in the history of everything I've watched. Simply because of the raw emotions displayed by MewGulf/TharnType here, there are many tiny details that I noticed that were so well executed it eft me breathless+
It's how Gulf shows the strain of work that is overwhelming Type, he's stressed out and when Tharn joins him, it's because Tharn notices how off his partner is. They have been together for 7 yrs that Tharn knows when Type isn't feeling right +
You can see how all the stress and pressure leaves Type as soon as Tharn embraces him, because from the whole world, Type knows that Tharn understands him the most. Type feels safe in Tharn's arms that he can't help but smile as soon as he feels his lover behind him +
When Tharn says "don't think about anything else when you're with me" I first thought he was being narcissistic but then I realised that what he meant was for Type to let go of all the stress because Tharn will be there whenever Type feels down to help him +
What I liked the most was the implication of the 7yrs they spent together and the way they think of the next 70yrs together. When Type asked what Tharn wants as an anniversary gift, Tharn's answer was so raw in explaining that he doesn't want a physical gift +
From Type, but the biggest gift for Tharn is being able to spend the rest of his life with his Type. It's also how it connects to the future issue that is hanging upon them, it slightly touches the fact that Tharn wants a forever +
When Type said "We'll be fucking old" gosh it melted me because he was so sincere when he smiled, almost like he pictures themselves 70yrs later, old and grey haired yet still being by each other's side. Tharn saying +
"Let's grow old together" and Type agreeing to do so was basically the highlight of hope. Hope that they will be together for a long time, hope that they will grow old together and will always love each other in the future. +
And ofcs the kissing! It was so different to the previous ones, so full of passion and it felt like seconds bcs MewGulf really put all their feelings in to that kiss. With every drag of their lips against each other, they were expressing how much they love the other +
They were showing pure happiness of being with their lover. Coming to the last part which was my favorite, the acting. It was so REAL. It was almost as if mewgulf were talking to each other through TharnType. Each mini expression Gulf did spoke lengths +
The soft kiss Mew placed on the shell of Gulf's ear was so intimate it made me dizzy. They have gotten so good at expressing such real emotions that viewers has a hard time in distinguishing reality with fiction +
This shower scene was not just NC, it was passion, hope, future, love all in one. It's toe-curling how comfortable and intimate mewgulf are with each other that they were able to pull off a scene like that. Honestly kudos to them for a job well done. +
I can't wait to see how their acting would progress with the rest of the season, thank you MewGulf for showing us what love feels like ❤
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