This thread explains how I got to the "Trump Accountability Project" enemies list since it's not publicly accessible anymore. /1
I saw this tweet from AOC:
And I noticed this reply tweet:
So I clicked on @trumpaccproject & got this:
And that took me to:
So, I clicked on "See the List" & at that time, it took you here:
Now it takes you here:
And, once I saw what it was, I took all the screen shots, and then I backed up to the original tweet 👇to see who this guy was.
And this is who he is:
And then I searched for "Trump Accountability Project" and similar terms & came up with these:
Which takes you to these two "winners."
Because they are doing this all out in the open, because they are totalitarian thugs.
But after I started tweeting about it, they took off two of the tabs from their list: the "Appointees" tab and the "Donors" tab, which had the list of judges and campaign donors. See 👇
They left their website up, but they made some significant changes to it. Here: (left is original)
And here: (left is original). Evidently they figured out, at a minimum, that putting judges and donors on an enemies list was probably a bad idea. 🙄
And like the cowards that these people always are, they have now made their accounts private.
Oh, and they have this site up, where they still mention the judiciary, and call their enemies list a "registry." 🙄
And here's the start of my thread with the full list in tweet thread form. At the end there are links to other ways to see it also.
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