I am not a fan of how y'all are idolizing Stacy Abrams, especially white folk.
I see how y'all are trying to erase the emphasis of community organizing.
I see how y'all are trying to lay down y'alls burdens down on her.
She is not your Black messiah or your mammy, she is a Black woman, community organizer, & a politician.
The current approach of giving her praise has the stank of white supremacy all over it.

And it reads the same as how y'all platformed Obama with uncritical praise.

*emphasis on politician*
Learn they names; understand the DECADES of struggle & work that was put in https://twitter.com/MaryPatHector/status/1324715902395437056?s=19
Stacey even gave shout outs https://twitter.com/staceyabrams/status/1324687447259779072?s=19
Keep the support flowing, while y'all celebrating Georgia https://twitter.com/anjalienjeti/status/1324767574496808960?s=19
Note for clarity:

It's not idolizing to say that Stacey put in hella consistent work, but it is (and thusly dehumanizing) to position her as the sole reason the work got done.

Community work takes *com-mu-ni-ty*
There's never one sole organizer & there is hella support.

The idea *should be* that now that you see the work that needed to be done happen, that folk would play their part in that rather than depending on margenalized folk doing it.

That's the messiah, mammy part.
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