It's official: @realDonaldTrump is going to be the 10th 1-term President in United States history 🎉🎉🎉

So we're celebrating with the monthly AMA! 😂

Ask Me Anything: 
Very accurate. That's a big part of why I excelled in law school
Yeah I'm only counting people rejected by the voters, like @realDonaldTrump, and not the ones who died in office and such
Biden takes all 4 and gets 306 EVs

I miscalled NC, GA, and ME-2
100% certain
No chance IMO

I doubt Trump is federally prosecuted at all, ever. It's an open question whether NY state goes after him
👤: What do you think is in the future for ex-Republican conservatives?

👴🏼: I'm cynical, I think most go back to being Rs when Tom Cotton or Nikki Haley run for President. The "true" NeverTrump folks – people opposed to Trumpism as an ideology, not...
👤: What are your way-too-early predictions for top Dem and GOP 2024 presidential candidates?

👴🏼: Dem field will be Kamala Harris, and token opposition

Rep field will be Tom Cotton, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Mark Meadows, Tucker Carlson, and a bunch of...
👤: How have you remained mentally sane after watching 1200+ videos of police assaulting Americans?

👴🏼: A dog and cats and a wife help 😂 Plus video games, and sh*tposting on Twitter
ConLaw I is a required course at @NCCU Law, probably my favorite course all 3 years. Also took ConLaw II as an elective (which covered the First and Fourteenth Amendments)
It won't happen, the electors would just cast their ballots for "Joe Biden (D)"
Oh I love Biscuit, and even Oliver!

Still just a dog-as-a-species lover though 😉
Nah, @realDonaldTrump is done

He's about to learn very quickly how hard it is to stay relevant for 4 years when there's a bench of more-talented politicians to take your place

There's a reason we've only had 1 President serve non-consecutive terms
I don't think it is; I interpret it to mean not the investor class, which definitely exists

I'm open to dissenting thoughts though
I had them cater my campaign kickoff back in 2016, they're so good
👤: In what order will the next AG prosecute the Trump cabal members? Does it go from top to bottom? Bottom to top? Middle out? Everyone? How does something like that work?

👴🏼: I don't think the next AG will prosecute any of them. But, in a typical...
👤: What, if anything, can the Dems do about the redistricting battles this year?

👴🏼: In North Carolina, the only viable option – outside of the normal political lobbying – is litigation. It's gonna be a tough decade in NC again
(I'll note, though, that we still have a D supermajority on the state Supreme Court so there's some small hope for fair maps)
👤: A Hypothetical – I'm accused of murder in NC, I have an *airtight* alibi, which the prosecutors are unaware of. If want to drama it up as much as possible, when is the last possible moment...

👴🏼: At trial, before the defense is done presenting...
👤: When are we getting more pods? Are you focusing on more patreon pods/content? Or are you just too busy?

👴🏼: We did a recording on Sunday that's waiting on MtSG's magic; I didn't get it to him early enough Sunday so he's been slammed this week with...
👤: What is your opinion on why people in rural NC vote for Republican when it appears Republicans are actively working to remove their health care, keep them from voting, and not help...

👴🏼: There's a lot of deeply-baked cultural hostility that's...
👤: Do you think R will swing back towards center to counteract progressive Dems or double down on extreme conservativism?

👴🏼: They're gonna double down, it's the Q party now
👤: I think I disagree with most of you politically but I would like to know what the basis of your political philosophy is? Any books or thinkers that inspired it?

👴🏼: No one specifically except maybe Henry Hazlitt on economics. It mostly developed...
👤: Will you build an org for center-right/libertarian people of like mind?

👴🏼: Nah. More talented and better financed people than me are already trying, we'll see if any of them are successful. No need for me to duplicate their work
👤: How should we celebrate once it’s official? Pizza and beer doesn’t seem like enough! Any suggestions? 🥳

👴🏼: I plan to celebrate by sporadically trolling @realdonaldtrump until he's gone
👤: Why do people put an initial for a name they don't use in front of the name they do use? It looks super-pretentious.

👴🏼: Read this thread:

Separately, I don't give the slightest f*ck if someone thinks it "looks super-...
No detail needed. A blanket pardon – "a full and unconditional pardon for all crimes committed against the United States" – is sufficient
No clue. I'd certainly hope so, but I'm not close to any of them
Correct. You can't pardon future crimes
Can't reign it in without a constitutional amendment to Article II
For Trump: 0%

For his kids: low-20%ish, just because they're exceptionally stupid in addition to being criminals
Depends on what she wants to do. If she wants a Cabinet slot, Biden/Harris would be fools to say no. Idk if she's interested in that sort of thing though
Probably not, but it's unclear. A pardon has to be delivered and accepted to be effective, so presumably he'd need to identify everyone in the group for the pardons to go into effect
Dems would have to go really bonkers for me to be convinced to vote R any time soon
Philosophy, logical reasoning, and something covering technology basics

And probably rhetoric / public speaking
Nixon. I have a very low tolerance for corruption / contempt for the rule of law / etc
Not sure who you're referring to, Trump lost
Gonna fail, but also won't matter: Biden wins even if provisionals don't count, because he won the absentee ballots
Why do they all look like putzes?
No. A pardon only needs a crime to have occurred, regardless if the person was ever prosecuted for it

See, e.g., Ford's pardon of Nixon

I follow a lot of lawyers, and many ( @rickhasen, @marceelias, @j_remy_green, @gercohen, etc) are super-knowledgeable on election stuff
It's all smoke and mirrors. Electoral College doesn't meet until December; election tabulating has been a month-long process for decades now, we just don't notice because the losers (now including @realDonaldTrump) are smart enough to move on
Only way you'll catch me running for office again is if I get ludicrously wealthy first
I do, that's why I said Donald Trump lost
All federal crimes ("Offenses against the United States"), yes

Can't pardon state crimes, which would be the province of state governors
"Preemptive" in a time sense, no – a pardon can only forgive conduct that occurred prior to its issuance

But there's no obligation for the crime to be discovered for it to be pardonable

Say Steve Bannon follows through with his fantasies and beheads Dr. Fauci, hides the body, and no one notices Fauci is gone

Trump could issue a blanket pardon to Bannon, and it would cover the killing of a federal official even if no one knew Steve did it

Working as a US Attorney in the USDOJ Civil Rights Division is one of the few government positions I'd actually love to have
New York State, yes

SDNY – which is the federal US Attorney's Office – no

One hopes SDNY was sharing info with NYS before the pardons get issued 😂
If he committed state offenses, yes
Not that I'm aware of; there'd be no one with standing to sue

Regardless, the scope of the President's pardon power is near-absolute and has been considered by SCOTUS several times

See, e.g., this passage from Ex Parte Garland, 71 US 333, 380 (1867)
For folks interested in a President's pardon powers, the Congressional Research Service issued an updated overview earlier this year that is quite good

You can read it here:
I have only fired 1 client that I can recall, and that was because they annoyed me
No, he called me like 30x before calendar call
Different one. Client who pulled a gun on me was after I was done repping them and they wanted to hire me on their contempt of court hearing
Colloquially, Biden is president-elect when it's obvious he won (so days ago basically)

From a constitutional law standpoint, he becomes President-elect on December 14th when the Electoral College meets and votes
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