1/ ALRIGHT Y'ALL. ELECTION FRAUD DEBUNKING MEGA THREAD. I’m following claims of fraud and looking into them. I think I’ve solved most now. Nothing is holding up under any scrutiny so far so I’m making a thread to track in one place. Please RT! #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
2/ By far the most viral of these claims is the video of officials in Detroit papering up/boarding up the windows inside their polling center in Michigan. This, admittedly, was a bizarre sight. But was 100% explainable and was the right thing to do.
3/ Officials rightly blocked the windows when crowds came inside and began trying to film ballots. Poll watchers EXCEEDED THE LIMIT INSIDE. This is not legal - you can’t barge in and film who ppl voted for. OF COURSE, there were *134 REPUBLICAN POLL WATCHERS* inside the room.
5/ Similarly, there have been LOTS of stories of “Republican poll watchers” not being allowed into polling places. This is all silly, and worth remembering this Detroit story. Being a poll watcher DOES NOT MEAN you can just walk into any polling station…
6/ There’s a process to ensure an even number of partisan watchers are signed up (like in Detroit) and inside polling places. Election officials don’t (and shouldn’t) allow any old swarm of watchers into their polling place. That would ruin the balance of the watchers.
7/ It appears some certified* Trump-supporting poll watchers filmed themselves trying to enter polling places and when denied made a scene. That’s how the system is supposed to work. Any election official can explain this.

*Assuming they're certified, still stupid.

8/ One of the most popular of these claims is a video purporting to show a 118-year-old named William Bradley who voted despite dying in 1984. I’m going to share video of a viral tweet so you can see it, then explain what’s happening: https://twitter.com/fleccas/status/1324216584219623424
10/ In Michigan, this is even true if someone dies *between the time they sent in their ballot and Election Day* How much does that suck? The idea someone who died in 1984 would have their ballot counted is absurd.
11/ Alternatively, it's also possible William Bradley is real and his birthday is simply wrong on the Michigan voter website. Instead of 1902, he could be born in 1992 — a one-digit typo. This happens all the time. A clerk will be checking the ballot and registration records.
12/ It’s ALSO true, as election expert @electproject pointed out, that some states use “1900” or “1/1/1” as codes when they moved from paper to electronic records to signify a bday wasn’t available. Something like that could be at play here. https://twitter.com/ElectProject/status/1324358555055640579
13/ Regardless, if this person is actually dead, their vote won’t count. If the bday is entered wrong, it will be resolved by a local clerk when the vote is audited. The video is real, the voter fraud claim is fake. Trump is losing Michigan by 150k votes. NEXT
14/ The other popular one is the “130k votes in Michigan” that Biden got all at once. This was a data uploading error on ElectionDeskHQ. The conservative who originally posted this conspiracy apologized and deleted is tweet, but it took off before he could stop it.
17/ NEXT. Relatedly, many conservative commentators have mixed up “eligible voters” (total ppl who can vote) and “registered voters” (registrations) including WSJ’s Kim Strassel. This caused serious confusion. Tim Alberta rightly calls Strassel out here: https://twitter.com/TimAlberta/status/1324192810275360773
19/ NEXT. Many on the right were thrown off when they went to bed at 2am with Trump well-positioned in the midwest and woke up at 6am with Trump headed for defeat in Wisconsin. Quickly, allegations spread of Dems “finding” 100k absentee ballots. Nonsense.
20/ The jump occurred after the City of Milwaukee, heavily Democratic, reported its first wave of absentee ballot results (xtra Democratic). When they came in, Bidens numbers spiked by more than 100,000. The votes were reported together bc Milwaukee has a central count location.
22/ Similarly, posts went viral about a “pause” and “dump” in Milwaukee where ballots were “found.” This is a lie. Counting never stopped. The count was done and the pause was the time it took to get them from the polling place to the central counting location. NEXT.
23/ Team Trump has also been at work. In Nevada, they dragged out an elderly blind woman who said her ballot was taken in the mail and she couldn’t vote. This seemed like an isolated incident. Here is a vid they shared. https://twitter.com/TeamTrump/status/1324395675736559616
26/ The counting was paused (in Allegheny) bc they cannot legally count remaining ballots there without the convening of a special committee that comes together tomorrow. Those votes are unlikely to be the difference, anyway. Biden will win by a healthy margin in PA. NEXT
27/ As you might expect, Project Veritas is at it too. They are claiming to have a USPS whistleblower who says late mail-in ballots were being postmarked inaccurately and sent so they’d make the deadline for Election Day. This case is interesting and open for debate.
28/ The allegations themselves are very small scale (from one location in MI), and the whistleblower is totally anonymous, even his voice. PV is known for partisan shenanigans and claims a “special agent with the office of inspector general at USPS” is investigating the claims.
29/ If that’s true, we’ll know for sure soon what happened. My guess is we don’t hear much more about this case of fraud, because I’m not at all convinced USPS is actually investigating it. But hey — PV hits the mark sometimes, so we’ll see!
30/ NEXT. Michelle Malkin, the conservative pundit who has been exiled from some Trump circles for her fringe views, claimed to have “Michigan poll observer Matthew Seely” describe how GOP watchdogs were not allowed to enter a location. Same story as Detroit, but...
32/ Of course, Trump's team is trying to take Twitter conspiracies to court, and it's going about how you would expect. If you want a laugh, read this thread: https://twitter.com/ZoeTillman/status/1324367495403327488
33/ They continue to lose court challenges today.

Finally, a note: the entire premise of all of these conspiracies is absurd. First, you’d have to believe Dems rigged the election but did it so poorly they lost House seats and didn’t control the Senate. LOL.
34/ Second, all of this is tied to the fact ballot counting couldn't begin in most battleground states before Election Day. Did you notice that we had results from FL and OH on time and easily, despite the fact they had heavy mail-in votes, but not GA/PA/WI/AZ? Wonder why?
35/ Thats because those states updated their laws to allow processing, counting and sorting of mail-in votes pre-election day. Republicans in PA, WI, MI, stopped these changes from happening. Dems wanted them. They created the chaos and now are using it as a political tool.
36/ Of all people, it was Jeb Bush who actually pointed out this absurd reality: https://twitter.com/JebBush/status/1324168561582055426
37/ Anyway. If you see fraud claims, send them my way and I'll dig in. DMs are open. I'm offering a $1,000 cash prize to anyone who can stump me -- and have been for 24 hours. So far, none have required more than 5 minutes of research. I'll update here as they come in.
38/ Also, if you don't know about Tangle -- that's my newsletter. I pull together the best arguments from across the political spectrum on the news of the day. People love it, you will too: https://tangle.substack.com/about 
39/ Here's another good one around "turnout" in Milwaukee. Tim Alberta fact-checking the GOP spokesperson in real time. Incredible. https://twitter.com/TimAlberta/status/1324431893488717824
40/ Ah, not QUITE fraud claim but a good update for this thread. Remember how Trump wanted to stop the count in GA bc "fraud"? Turns out they just got 17k military votes that would prob help him. He's shooting himself in the foot.🤦‍♂️ https://twitter.com/hjessy_/status/1324444919780515841
41/ GOT ANOTHER. Seeing so many ppl freak out about this FiveThirtyEight update showing 23k votes for Biden and zero for Trump in Philly. Admittedly, this looks suspicious -- and I don't blame the skeptics! https://twitter.com/FiveThirtyEight/status/1324093784452403202
43/ Philly Inquirer didn't believe the number too. So they went to the voting districts and LITERALLY TRIED FINDING SOMEONE WHO VOTED FOR ROMNEY. And guess what? They couldn't. These areas populated by almost all Black residents just didn't like him.
44/ They found Republicans -- a couple -- and none had voted for Romney. Now imagine for a moment it's 2020, and instead of 19k votes its 23k votes, and instead of Romney it's Trump, and you add in the absentee ballot dynamic (where Ds are outpacing Rs 3 to 1 across PA)
45/ Given those dynamics, it's not hard to believe that a single batch could come in from similar-looking Philly neighborhood at 23k to 0. If a regular election can pull 19k to 0, sorting by absentee first certainly makes this possible.

46/ This is a good one I called out yesterday, from my home county in Bucks. Unlikely many people claimed I don't actually think this is a photoshopped image (even though the names look comically blurred). Just look at the top: "Democratic official sample ballot."
47/ This is common in elections. I'm not a fan, but I'd bet good money that there was a Republican sample ballot (with Dems name blurred out) right next door, and both were probably the legal distance from the polling place entry. When I pointed this out, I got blocked:
48/ Given that, plus the number of ppl replying to the original tweet saying they were from Bucks and saw these signs for Dems and Republicans all over... I'm gonna go ahead and call complete B.S.

You know what's coming.

49/ Got another one! This one is was written up in Zero Hedge, the conspiracy website, and originated w/ this tweet from some rando. Its an allegation of "vote stuffing" (???) where Biden keeps outperforming Dem Senate candidates https://twitter.com/USRebellion1776/status/1324361254526484488
50/ The tweeter and ZeroHedge are alleging that because Biden got more votes than the Democrats in the Senate races, its clear Dems are stuffing ballots (or something?) Kinda too dumb to follow, but the answer is obvious: lots of ppl are voting split ticket. Don't believe me?
51/ It's just this guy being selective about which swing state he's looking at. Take Arizona. In that race, Biden got FEWER votes than the Democratic Senate candidate -- because Trump voters split their ticket between McSally/write-ins and Mark Kelly. See?
52/ AZ is a crucial swing state. Would be very weird for Dems not to try "ballot stuffing" there too (lol). The reality is hundreds of millions of dollars poured into GA and MI Senate races, and Trump is not well-liked, so ppl split their tickets. He's losing the race. Simple.
53/ Do you know what I'm going to say?

I feel like you know what I'm going to say.

You can feel it coming.

I feel it coming.

Say it with me.

54/ Are you stressed? Are you wondering how stuff so stupid could spread so fast? Consider the fact this tweet got 630 RTs. Then have a laugh!
55/ Ah, here's another big one. Eric Trump shared this and so it blew up. This is the original tweet, which (I think?) is supposed to be proof of poll workers throwing votes out. Video is interesting: https://twitter.com/fleccas/status/1324239926641262593
56/ Here's the thing, though. This video is literally from a USA Today live stream from inside the polling place. Do you understand that? We are talking about an election where poll workers are LITERALLY BEING FILMED ON A LIVE STREAM and ppl think they are committing fraud.
57/ I don't really know how else to explain how silly that is. You actually have to believe that this poll worker, clearly frustrated and exhausted by some kind of soiled ballot, is *committing election fraud on camera* in front of the entire country. Rly? That's what they have?
58/ Ballots get thrown out all the time. That is, after all, what many of these same people want: ballots being tossed that aren't filled out properly. To me, this looks like a poll worker who is pissed off because Americans are dumb. Election fraud it is not


59/ OMG I don't know how I forgot. The sharpie thing!!! In Arizona, Trump supporters said they were "forced" to vote with a sharpie and their ballot was thrown out, and that any votes cast with Sharpie were thrown out. LOLOLOL

Good example: https://twitter.com/SecretsBedard/status/1324043575127085060
60/ That so many political ppl fell for this is actually pretty frightening. Anyway, it's totally ok to vote with a Sharpie in AZ. And if it bleeds through and causes an error, the machine corrects it. This has been *widely* debunked. NEXT https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/1324160373189234690
61/ I've just been made aware of very viral video of Joe Biden allegedly saying they put together a "voter fraud" operation. Naturally, it was shared by @mtgreenee, the newest member of Congress who fell for QAnon. https://twitter.com/GregRubini/status/1320140370882297857
63/ There are so many of these it's actually remarkable. The right is flooding the zone, but I hope this thread can hold the line.

Let's all scream it in unison into our phones and computers together

Are you ready?


64/ This one is interesting. I can't seem to find the source, but I can point out something rather obvious that nobody else is saying -- if this is in fact from the last 72 hours in the U.S. (which it appears it is) https://twitter.com/P8R1OT/status/1324102402451116032
65/ It looks as if this person is throwing stuff out in the trash, but they aren't. They're just sorting the ballots. That's a sorting bin. That's what happens in these polling places. This is what ppl are doing all across the U.S. right now. Totally normal.

This is, literally, the most transparent election of all-time. And yet these ppl think mass voter fraud is being committed with the cameras rolling??? GTFO.

67/ Trump supporters and Trump family members continue to claim that their poll watchers are not being allowed into Philadelphia polling places. A Fox News reporter just to investigate. Guess what he found! NEXT https://twitter.com/NatashaBertrand/status/1324483350720032768
68/ This photo is going viral on Facebook. It purports to show a Truck with a Biden bumper sticker carrying USPS mail (presumably full of ballots) around northwest Phoenix.
69/ (NICE) Funny story... the person who submitted it to me then found the exact same photo being shared claiming the same thing, at the exact same intersection... but in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Got a funny feeling neither is true.

70/ This story got some buzz -- claims that people were bringing in suspicious packages in the middle of the night in Detroit. There's no actual allegation here, just ppl saying "suspicious activity." Still, it's worth crushing...

First, The Dispatch's data journalist says it looks like the FiveThirtyEight dump in Philly was just back-to-back data drops. Had not seen them respond to this, and offers a second plausible explanation for why the data looked the way it did.
74/ Lots of nice ppl keep asking if they can Venmo or send beer. I appreciate it. I run an independent & growing newsletter that summarizes the best arguments from the right & left. Plz consider becoming a paying sub! It's cheap 👍 #ElectionResults2020 https://tangle.substack.com/subscribe 
76/ Okay! This was BY FAR the hardest one for me yet. It took some digging, because I wasn't very familiar with Benford's law and this person is not good at Twitter, so the thread is jumbled. But this is going very viral on FB and Twitter: https://twitter.com/statsguyphd/status/1324352213595181059
77/ Basically, this anonymous person with a fresh new Twitter account claims to be applying Benford's Law to Joe Biden's vote and says they deviate so far from where they should be it's clear there is election fraud. I spent a while looking at these graphs and then realized:
78/ Benford's Law and elections must not be a new marriage. If this were simple, it'd be used everywhere to suss out fraud! So, I looked it up. And guess what: Georgetown Univ has a whole white paper on why Benford's Law can't be applied to elections. https://repository.library.georgetown.edu/handle/10822/557850
79/ The author came to this conclusion in no uncertain terms. This one took a LOT of work, def toughest yet, and I am now ready for a break and a beer. Keep the submissions coming, I'll try to keep up. Plz read the thread first though, getting lots of repeats now.

80/ This thread has close to 500k impressions on Twitter. Keep pumping. Baseless allegations of election fraud are getting millions of views and we have to hold the line for reality -- and to prevent whatever all this crap is leading to.

I'll keep it up as long as I can.
81/ When you lose Karl Rove, the jig is almost up. https://twitter.com/AaronBlake/status/1324423595540578307
84/ Fantastic addition to this thread: a poll inspector from Detroit is speaking out about the alleged 136,000 ballots being dumped there late Tuesday night. He's not nearly as nice as I am: https://twitter.com/charlieleduff/status/1324545878112260097?s=21
85/ Earlier in this thread, I cited a Georgetown study debunking Benford's Law as a tool to detect election fraud (a claim going viral online). Some people pointed out that the paper was written by an undergraduate student, and thus couldn't be taken seriously...
86/ So I kept digging. And I found another study, coming to the same conclusion, with three authors. They are from Cambridge University.

Ever heard of it?



This one from Ted Cruz, on Sean Hannity, claiming poll watchers were not allowed to observe counts in Philly today: https://twitter.com/tedcruz/status/1324558278777593856
88/ This would be super bizarre, given that the Trump campaign ADMITTED IN COURT THAT THEY HAD OBSERVERS THERE.

Also, Philly's bipartisan election committee released a statement confirming that they had poll observers there:
89/ Not just that, but Fox News actually sent a reporter there. And guess what? The reporter literally talked to Trump-supporting poll watchers who were overseeing the count. You literally can't make this stuff up. https://twitter.com/NatashaBertrand/status/1324483350720032768
90/ To recap:

-Trump campaign admitted in court they had watchers there, under threat of perjury
-Fox News interviewed pro-Trump poll watchers on the ground
-Bipartisan committee confirmed poll watchers had access

What else do you need?

91/ Just got another great submission. This one alone has 240,000 views on Twitter. Remarkable how fast the junk spreads. Video appears to show a woman just filling out people's ballots and putting them in a pile. Clear cut election fraud! https://twitter.com/theca13/status/1324537564410380288
92/ Except... look a little closer. The person across from her is reading ballots to her, and she is filling out what he is reading off. This is likely because the ballot was soiled somehow, or the machine was having trouble reading — so they are doing it by hand. Not complicated
93/ Also, I want to point out two things about this video:

1) There is a POLICE OFFICER and a poll watcher clearly monitoring these two as they do this.


The transparency is wild.

You say it now.

94/ Wow. I'm watching Fox News, and Dana Perine's show literally just fact-checked the sharpie myth in Arizona that ran on Laura Ingraham's show in the hour segment before. Never seen that before.

Fox is living in 2 different realities now, too.
95/ This thread has just broken one million impressions. Please keep sharing -- and I'll keep fielding and researching submissions as fast as I can. We are up against so much viral content, and we have to continue to hold the line on reality. Thank you all for sharing.
96/ I'd like to add something here: mistakes, confusion, and issues happen in elections. My mom is a registered Democrat in PA, and her mail-in ballot was rejected this year. She found out on Monday, then went to get it sorted out and found out she had not dated the envelope.
97/ While she was there, she also discovered her name was misspelled on a ballot. In a fever dream of voter fraud, a turn of events like this may appear nefarious — but it's not. It's just a product of *150 million* ppl voting in an election + human error responsible for tracking
98/ What's being alleged right now across social media is widespread, intentional election and voter fraud that would change the outcome of this race. Usually with misleading/out of context video. There's a diff between that & actual clerical errors your friends/family may have.
99/ My inbox is piling up, some with examples of ppl posting on FB that they went to go vote and were no longer registered, etc. That's not voter fraud and it's not something I can explain or debunk — it's likely something innocuous that someone is totally misreading.
100/ What I'm interested in is allegations of election/voter fraud involving multiple parties and being seen by thousands or millions of people. Please read through this whole thread before submitting, getting a lot of repeats now and struggling to keep up. Keep em comin!
101/ Apologies. Someone just alerted me #68 an #69 in this thread are the same photo. They should be showing two diff screenshots -- both alleging the same truck w/ ballots was in their cities despite them being two different cities (Albuquerque and Phoenix). Lazy lies!
102/ I just got this DM. Been getting similar DMs like this all night. This stuff works, folks. People are not rubes — they can be moved by evidence. Holding the line on these allegations matters. When they aren't addressed, doubt creates paranoia. Please keep sharing. NEXT
103/ Apparently Republican Congressional candidate Kim Klacik is claiming my explanation of the two-person counting team — the woman filling out the ballot as the guy reads — is "illegal and not a thing." https://twitter.com/kimKBaltimore/status/1324563483078307840
104/ This is, without question, the easiest debunk of the night thus far. Via Bloomberg article on the vote counting process: "In the fifth step, workers 'remake' ballots that have readability problems or that voters made a mistake on and tried to correct—as long as the...
105/ intention of the voter can be understood—so that the ballots can be read by tabulation machines. The original ballot is attached to the remade ballot for auditing purposes. Remaking is performed by a *two-person team*; the partner of the worker pictured here is off camera...
107/ Paging @kimKBaltimore

Please stop lying to the American public.

109/ Click inside, though, and you'll find a pretty big nothingburger. A USPS worker in Buffalo, NY (not an especially important swing state!) was caught at the border with... three absentee ballots. And he said he intended to deliver them but "forgot." Who knows.

110/ Quick reminder on who is overseeing elections in Georgia this year: https://twitter.com/declanpgarvey/status/1324593713021157377
111/ Alright. I gotta get some sleep. Running on fumes now. I will pick this up in the a.m. Please, if you want to support work like this, consider becoming a paying subscriber to my newsletter Tangle. 12,000+ people read it every day, and it's my baby. https://tangle.substack.com/subscribe 
112/ Alternatively, if you don't need more news in your inbox (even though all you'd ever have to read is Tangle), please go donate to Heavenly Harvest. They feed the working poor with food pouches that have an 18-month shelf life. https://heavenlyharvst.org/donate/ 
113/ Finally, if you are staying up for this race, go get some sleep. Biden is going to win PA, and then GA too. And then Nevada tomorrow. AZ is a real toss-up, but Biden is ahead and the race is over after PA flips in a few hours. #ElectionResults2020
114/ (That's not a comment of partisan preference, but just a fact from looking at the numbers. As I have been saying since 7pm yesterday: you can take it to the bank).

115/ GOOD MORNING. We're back in business, and it appears there's a new voting fraud theory that has taken off: the #WatchTheWater theory. This is a QAnon adjacent theory alleging ballots are watermarked by the Dept of Homeland Security with "non-radioactive isotope watermarks"
116/ As the theory goes, Dems printed "extra ballots" without knowing about these watermarks and now the QAnon folks can spot "fake ballots" that don't have the radioactive isotope watermarks on them. Needless to say, this is entirely bunk.
118/ Joe Biden has now been elected as the next president.

Please note: Biden's margins in PA, WI, MI and MN will end up being decisive — 20k to 250k in each state.

These are not margins that are going to be changed unless widespread *election* fraud is discovered.
119/ Please also note that, as of this writing, all but 1 of Trump's numerous legal challenges have failed across the country. That's because Twitter/Facebook fever dreams of fraud don't hold up in court.

I'll keep updating, but reality is becoming clear.

Hold the line.

121/ This is a new voter fraud video I'm just seeing for the first time now. Like many before it, it purports to show an election official "filling out ballots" — apparently implying this is nefarious, illegal or fraud. https://twitter.com/9desiderio/status/1324764235415515137
122/ Like a couple other examples in this thread, that's not what is happening. The woman sitting across from the man filling out the ballot is reading off a ballot, likely one that wasn't read in the machine. Also, notice the observers and the cameras rolling! #Election2020
123/ This is not fraud, there is nothing wrong happening here. This is how poll workers ensure everyone's vote is counted all across the country.

Keep holding the line.

124/ Lots of people submitting Project Veritas stuff from the last few days. I am keeping an eye on it -- it's really tough to dig into because of the way they present info and how they keep people anonymous. This should be interesting: https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1324789306960084992
125/ Unlike many in the press, I am not inherently dismissive of PV. They are obviously partisan actors and political operatives (funded by Republicans) but that does not mean every hit piece they do on Democrats is simply false...
126/ What I will say about these claims so far: I do not see PV alleging that *Democrats* are committing election fraud. I see them alleging that USPS workers are backdating ballots to ensure they're counted on election day. Those are 2 very different things.
127/ And, of course, depending on where those ballots are being counted, how many there are, etc. they may or may not have any bearing on any races that matter. Details matter, right now they are vague. Voter fraud does happen. I'm looking for election fraud...
128/ All that is to say I'm keeping my eye on it. Yesterday they were claiming a USPS IG was investigating what they uncovered. Now they claim to have a worker going public. I want to see if either of those pans out before analyzing. Their videos are tough to trust. Stay tuned.
129/ Latest update here is this story out of Michigan. A lot of ppl are submitting this via DMs. Not sure what to say except a tabulation error or technical glitch is not a proof of election fraud. This stuff happens in every election. https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1324783531139235841
130/ I'm very glad they caught this. Given how our voting systems work, they should be able to audit the election and ensure the county is accurate. The Michigan race is not close, so this would have to be a historic screw up to change anything.
131/ Ah, this is a good one. Ned just made this claim to 170k followers: https://twitter.com/nedryun/status/1324502261683421190
134/ In fact, quite a few election experts point to Paterson as *proof* of how much integrity our system has and how hard it is to pull of election fraud. If this election had something like Paterson, it would be plain as day. The fact that it doesn't... is the point.

135/ Okay. I promised to stay up on the O'Keefe / Project Veritas stuff. Here is their big reveal. There is a lot of really weird stuff about this. https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1324845160358940673
136/ The allegation is Hopkins witnessed his supervisor “backdating” a single ballot to make it Nov. 3rd. When asked by O'Keefe, Hopkins says “I did not witness him backdating it, I witnessed him talking about backdating it.” It sounds like they're discussing one ballot.
137/ Then there is a cut, and in the next clip Hopkins is saying he heard his superiors talking about how they had “post-dated all but one of the ballots that were picked up, but had one that they made a mistake and postmarked it the 4th."
138/ But the entire interview is bizarre. O'Keefe is asking questions from a computer in his office, and then the clips of Hopkins answering are him walking around house to house - being filmed by someone not O'Keefe. There are numerous cuts in the video where the audio changes.
139/ And at times it feels like they are having two separate convos, which really gets my suspicions going. Regardless, Hopkins says in the vid that there is an inspector general investigating and he was getting heat for some kind of past transgressions. He was outed.
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