A point that I need y’all to pay attention to:

PACs and political campaigns spend money on ads and literature.

State political parties spend money on infrastructure and organizers.

IIRC, Amy McGrath individually got more money than the FL Dems or GA Dems.
There is no good evidence that political ads have any effect on outcomes.

Even hyper targeted ads.

But organizing, registering, and including people is more effective.

It’s also harder to dump money into in October before the election.
And the benefit to working with a state party — instead of a PAC focused on outreach — is data.

Outside PACs don’t share their data with state parties, so come election time many state parties are flying blind in terms of outreach.
If you want to help the Democrats, adopt a state.


Give the state party $50 a month.

The money will go a lot farther than dumping $2000 into a campaign.
I just became a monthly sustaining donor to the @GeorgiaDemocrat.

Can you join me in becoming a sustaining donor to a state party?
Oh, finally, part of the reason to work through the party rather than a campaign is it strengthens the party.

The party has incentives to help all candidates.

A candidate is only in it for themselves and will direct their $ accordingly.
Some data:

The Georgia Democrats were able to spend $11.6 million during the 2020 cycle.

That’s half what Ossoff raised during the last three months of his campaign.
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