For those still deciding whether to give @JoeBiden your vote, here's a little story that shows what he's like-- and why he deserves your trust.

Over nearly a decade of staffing #JoeBiden, we took a number of helicopter flights in #Afghanistan...
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...One of those helo flights was a little more memorable than the others.

It was in February 2008. We were returning from a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in territory controlled by the Taliban. And a storm was moving in...
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...the storm was faster than we were. Visibility suddenly was reduced to zero, with mountain cliffs on either side. We had to put down on an icy ridge (Side-note: @USArmy helicopter pilots are incredible!).

Here's where we landed:
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...So @joebiden is stranded on an icy ridge-line, in Taliban-controlled territory, and the only protection we've got are two .50cal mounted guns, and the rifles & side-arms of the few troops/PSD in the 2 Blackhawks.

No way to safely take off, no way for help to reach us...
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...Up to now, the day had been going well. But suddenly, not at all.

One could easily imagine a Very Important Person getting...agitated. And taking it out on anybody around him. (Just imagine how Donald Trump would react!)

Not @joebiden...
...For the next 4 hours, until a convoy from Bagram rescued us, @joebiden:
-Let the soldiers do their job, and trusted their judgement.
-Was grateful, rather than short-tempered, to the helo pilots.
-Showed the calm leadership that kept the rest of us grounded.

-If I've got any of the details wrong about @joebiden's steady leadership on that ridge-line in #Afghanistan...
... @ablinken can correct me: he was there, and can testify to the boss' coolness in a rather dicey situation.
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