Joe Biden is going to do more for the black community than any President in American history.
Let’s talk about his plan for us.
First and foremost this is the first sentence in his plan:

Joe Biden knows that African Americans can never have a fair shot at the American Dream so long as entrenched disparities are allowed to quietly chip away at opportunity.
During the Obama administration there was something called the
SSBCI which put about 10 billion in lending to new small businesses. Biden’s plan is to extend that and earmark especially for black owned businesses.
He plans to bring back a special program that provides SBA loans specifically businesses that will operate in our communities.
There is something called the Minority Business Development fund which among other things ensures that our businesses get federal contracts. Trump is attempting to cut their budget by 75%. Biden plans to increase it.
During the Obama years that was 39 billion into our businesses
90 percent of small businesses owned by us didn’t get PPP loans on that first installment.
Biden plans to fix that by:
Reserving 50 % of the next round for businesses with less than 50 employee (which 98% of our businesses do)
By creating an entire team dedicated to helping our businesses apply for these loans and understanding the requirements for forgiveness.
Black owned homes are habitually appraised at a lower value. Biden plans to create a nationwide standard at which homes are appraised at to prevent that.
He’s going to provide universal Pre-K for us.
He’s going to forgive 10k in student loan debt off the top.
He’s going to forgive up to 125k in tuition debt for anybody who went to a public school for undergrad.
He’s do the same for private HBCUs
He’s going to give 70 billion dollars to HBCUs.
He’s going to invest 50 billion dollars into workforce training programs
He’s going to lower drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Creating a national standard.
He’s going to double the government’s investment in community health centers
He’s going to spend 20 billion dollars on criminal justice reform at a local level
He’s going to end the cash bail system
He’s going to end federal private prisons
He’s going to put a billion dollars yearly into juvenile justice reforms
Seriously though. If you already voted thanks, help somebody else get to the polls. If you haven’t voted go to:  & make a plan to vote.
We can do it y’all. We’re close.
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